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April 08, 2009


Hi! I love your blog!!!

Anette from Norway:)

Wow- Thanks for sharing! I've never seen these and think they are so cool. I definitely think they should make some now... Especially the strawberry and the gum ones. And the banana.

Oh....what a wonderful collection!! I used to have several of these. I totally remember the fried egg and the pack of gum. What a fun post to look at!!

I had the hamburger and my friend had the chocolate chip cookie. You are soooo lucky!!! What a great collection. You're right, they should so bring those back. I'd buy every one!

omg! thanks for reminding me of these wonders from the past!! I was totally obsessed with these in the 70's & lucky me, I had a mom who just couldn't get enough Avon, lol.

How fun are these!!!!! I remember the ice cream cones and my brother eating them and getting sick lol!
Thanks for the nostalgia :)

Oooh the memories, definitely not a useless collection, wow, what awesome finds! I couldn't bear to part with them either. I don't think I had any of these myself but I remember the ice cream sodas, the cones and the tasti-mint.


thanks for the trip down memory lane. I love this post! I had the chocolate chip
cookie lip gloss. Your collection is neat.


Oh the ice cream comes are bringing back some memories!!

my fav is the strawberry...I love that stuff...I want one now that I see it on ur blog haha

I can't believe I almost forgot about the strawberry lipgloss :) Wow, memory jogger!! Oh, and I think it's lovely to act like your 5! My Jake is 3 and I'm still older than him by a few years some days :) lol Have a beautiful Easter weekend! ps....I still even display my Kiddles proudly :)

Fantastic collection!

The lipgloss collection is fab!

These are so cool! I did not have any of these, but I should have. What an interesting and fun collection. Thanks so much for sharing it. xo, suzy

Well of course I had the cookies and the egg. Too funny. Never thought about saving them though.... Girl is there any collection you don't have??? I don't remember the sunscreen in the banana but leave it to you to reduce, reuse , recycle. LOL!

Some how I missed out on these but I am totally geeking over them! The egg and the cookie, OMG too cute.

Ha ha. Too cute. My sister and I actually had the chocolate chip cookie, the strawberry and the Tasti-Mint glosses. WOW. That is so fun.

Funburger!! I had that- and the pop bottle too! I wish they would bring them back too!

I had that egg! How funny...and I hadn't remembered until I saw your picture! I loved it! Thanks for bringing up those fun, old memories!

That is such a fun collection!

I don't remember Avon doing anything like that in the UK!

Victoria xx

Oh my gosh Andrea! I loved the trip down memory lane! And yes, my 5 year old and I am totally jealous of your collection!! LOL!! I actually have the dark brown pop bottle and the red crayola which were from my collection 30 some years ago! What a treat to see all of these! Do you remember the pins that had the perfume in them? Maybe you have a couple of those? I still have the big yellow tweety bird and the jack in the box! Gotta love Avon... Thanks so much for sharing!!
Amy :)

Oh My Gosh!!!! I also had a number of these, thanks so much for sharing don't you just love being on memory lane.....I do!


I do remember the Tasti-Mint lip gloss! I also remember having an Avon comb that looked like a guru man laying on a bed of nails??!!! (I guess Avon was having an off day the day they came up with that one!)

Omg!!! I had that peanut mood lipgloss!!!
I had a couple of the others too! So funny to see them again! I forgot about the peanut!!! What a kick! karen..

Oh Yes, Grandma Rosa was an Avon Lady...I remember the Rose Lotion..she had a bunch of that. These do bring back some memories. I had the ice cream one and the hamburger one...have no idea where they went to.

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