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April 08, 2009


OMG I totally had the peanut! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

My grandmother was one of the very first Avon ladies. She sold Avon for over 45 years. Evry Christmas she would send a huge box of goodies and your post brought back great memories.

Come by and visit my baby hummingbirds nesting on our patio chandelier.

Oh Andrea...you never cease to amaze and entertain! That was so much fun to see and remember. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it) I did not collect them, although later, I did have a huge box of all those miniature lipstick samples Avon was always giving out. Hope you are having a good week...xo pam

You're killing me with this collection...I had the Oreo lip gloss and loved it! Knowing that you still carry the strawberry in your purse makes me love you even more! :)

Oh my gosh Andrea, this post is SO cute! I would not part with them either and I LOVE that you carry your strawberry in your purse. so cute...!

Andrea, this is too funny. Today my daughter pulled out all of my mom's old Avon pins from when she was a kid! She's actually wearing one right now....A little mouse on a clock. I was thinking of doing a post on Avon pins. So weird. If were not seperated at birth, we have to be related. haha
This is an adorable post! So super cute, super fab!

Oh my goodness Andrea! I just took a trip down memory lane...I do remember many of these as I'm in my thirties...or umm...just a tad older!! I had the chocolate chip cookie that I received from the lady that I used to babysit for. I loved it and I can still remember the smell of it to this day!

Oh and the peanut! What a crack up, I remember being about twelve when I got it and it was my first colored lipstick, much to the chagrin of my father...too funny. Thanks for sharing...you're the best!!

that is sooo funny!!! who on earth thought of the egg lip gloss! ha! I totally remember the "mood" lip sticks. ha!

The ice cream cones and the Oreo lip glosses are so familiar to me. I can still remember the taste and smell of them. Thanks for a fun and nostalgic post!

Useless collection? No way.
I LOVE that you've refilled the berry and use it still. It beats a grown-up version any day.

Oh my gosh...I haven't seen these in YEARS!!! When I was little I use to look through the Avon catalog dreaming of everything I wanted to buy. So fun.

OMG - I had several of these. The hamburger one was my favorite. followed by those cream sodas. My mom may even still have these somewhere. How much fun was this post. Love it.

Ahh...you just brought back some memories that had long been forgotten. ~so much fun!

wonderful collection! I had some of those too...

thanks so much for sharing!


I had the egg and the coin! I can still smell the gloss and the copper...

OMG!! This post brings back such memories!! My Grandmother's sister-in-law worked for Avon for years. I think she did clerical work, but she would buy us every kind of lipgloss. I remember getting the crayola crayon ones and they tasted so good, I think I actually ate mine! Gross I know.

oh, how fun I remember how upset I got one christmas morning when we found my youngest brother had ate, yes I said ate my cool new lipgloss iin the shape of lips. My parents said that they would replace it, but Avon was out of the "lip" shape so I got the stupid hamburger shape lipgloss instead. Really! a hamburger! how does that even compare to a cool lip shape. Thanks for the walk down memory lane

girl i just had a huge flashback.
i had so many of these.
the avon lady used to come to out house once a month for coffee, and i would always get to play with her samples. My mom always bought me something special.

how cute! I wouldn't get rid of them! Do you realize what someone down your family tree will get for them if THEY want to part with them!!!!!
Sigh, I wish I knew what funky stuff sold today would be the thing to be collecting:-)
Thanks for sharing, it's always such fun to see and read your posts.

Haha, I had that ice cream float and the peanut with the mood lipstick! Ha, now there would be a few days each month I don't need mood gloss to let everyone know how I feel! Thanks for the memories!

Wow! I don't remember ANY of those...and I was an adult in the 70's! Where was I?
That's a great collection...I wouldn't let them go either.
Fun post!

That was sooo great. I know I had several of them...way to make my heart smile....!!!!!I say keep collecting....although how do you display these cute little things????

Love it!!! And they stopped making these why?? lol

I totally forgot about these! Love your collection. I remeber having a few of these along with the Avon jewelry where the pinback opened and contained solid perfume. Such great memories! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Day!

Oh My Goodness......treasures from the past. My Mom sold Avon when I was little and I love going through her blue floral case of goodies. Everytime she put her orders in she surprised me with a lip gloss treat. Thanks for bringing back those fabulous memories :-)


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