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March 12, 2009


Andrea, I loved your old banner, but I have to say, I really like your new one - it's fresh, whimsical and arty. I do love it!

first time in here :)love it..I will tell about you in my blog with an collage of some of your pics hope you will like it :0

Haha...I LOVE the title. I thought upon first glance that you were about to announce another baby to be hatched late this year :) I have been playing around with similiar eggs when I get a few minutes of crafting time...but refer to them as my emu eggs since they are a bit smaller. Looking forward to your ostrich eggs in the shop -- if I'm lucky maybe I can get there in time to purhase one!



Love your new banner!!! It is gorgeous.

I WANT one of these eggies. I can't wait. I will have my game face on to snatch one up this time. remember last year I told you I missed out like twice?

xoxo Heather

It looks like Easter will be opulent indeed with such goodies to make your Easter eggs with! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Andrea I love your beautiful mess! I lay everything out too, but it's never as beautiful as your mess!
Love the new banner ~ fresh and happy! xo

I noticed your new banner right away---I love peonies! I finally just got a banner up on my blog and Etsy shop this past week, so all that "banner-making-stuff" was all real fresh in my mind & it really made me doubly appreciate your beautiful new banner! Very nice!

Can't wait to see your eggs---just the "mess" looks wonderful!

looks like a fun table of supplies! can't wait to see the final eggs- i hope I am around in time to snag one from the shop!
hope all is great with you Andrea!
xo natalea

Everyone needs a change of a banner (mine is long overdue!). Keep it. Can't wait to see the "egg results"....


Love the banner, fresh, clean, simple, still vintagy....is that a word? I love everything you do. You always have such darling ideas, keep them coming!!


Hi Andrea!
I like your banner--I admit, I stared at the old one every time I came here though--it was really stunning.

Your banner is gorgeous as well as all your pictures :)

When, When, When, - faced pressed against computer window - - open, open, open!! Luv those eggs!!


Andrea, even your messes are pretty! ;-)

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