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March 12, 2009


Really people emailed to say they like the old one better? LOL.. Change is Good! I Love it.. Jamie

I love a good mess in the midst of a beautiful creation. A woman after my own heart.

I love your new banner. Fresh is good! Everything you do is beautiful.

I think your new banner is beautifully simple....very artistic, and I agree with Jamie, change is good!

Love the banner! Very girly. Love the eggs! Can't wait to see them in the shop. Love all you do!

I love those pictures - the bright, happy colors made me smile!

I can't wait to see the new eggs Andrea. I love the colorful mess they are starting out as. I was happy to see your new banner. Springy and Fresh.....boing boing!!


I love your new banner,I changed mine this week too..I think yours is clean and simple for spring. I hope your making lots of Ostrich eggs, because we ALL want one! xo suzanne

Andrea- I think your banner is beautiful. Sometimes we need change and a fresh look. I love the fact that it is simple, and soft. looking forward to seeing your eggs in the shop! have fun playing
xo Kelli

Oh goodie...more eggs! I've been waiting for those:) I have to admit, I loved your "old" banner; but your new one is pretty, too. Peonies are such lovely flowers!

your banner is just perfect as is- just like you :)
have a great weekend!

Ohh, lots of goodness going on here! BTW, your new banner is lovely--very fresh and LOVE the doodles. Now if I could just figure out PS Elements to do 'stuff' like that!

Can't wait to see all the lovely finished eggs and the individual names you come up with for them. Andrea, I was born on Easter Sunday. It was in March that year and I still think that is pretty special. See you in a few days.

Well I love the banner. Especially because it's your writing:) Can't wait to see what the egg creations look like! It does look like your having fun:)

I like your new banner- it DOES NOT look like a mistake!! Silly women. I do have to say the scallops look a little like, hmm.... lol!!! You and I craft alike, if it's not messy, it's not good :o)


Oooh,I can't wait! I need another one to keep my aqua one from last year company!
I know they will be GORGEOUS.

Happy Creating!

I just love the gobs and gobs of millinery and ribbons to look at anyways! :)

Andrea, love the banner it looks fresh and simply beautiful. These eggs look beautiful! Is the paint pearly? Kinda looks that way. My mother-in -law has some beautifully embellished vintage crepe eggs she brought with her when she immigrated from Germany(I know before I mentioned she's from Sicily, she moved to Germany in her teen years). Love these early signs of spring! Oh yes I have a blog now... still working on it but it's up and officially running as of today.

silly me forgot to leave the comment with my url

ahh, but what a beautiful mess it is!
xoxo, Tiffany

I want everything in those messes on your table! I'm exactly the same way when I make things and my mom is perfectly organized! Also, do you have a bamboo tablet? It makes the photoshop writing so much easier! You would really like it! xo Shannon

I can't believe that anyone thought your banner was a joke or that they told you they liked the old one better...who does that? It looks perfect for spring and I can't wait to see the eggs...it looks like you have a good mess going on!!

I loved your old banner but this one is beautiful too. I change mine all the time just because I can - and I'm not nearly as creative as you!

And, I'm sorry, I just have to say it... while you're making your eggs you just have to "lay it" all out on the table! That made me LOL but then I'm a little odd that way!

I love your photos - an explosion of color! So happy and spring-like. And I think your banner is lovely - simple and elegant.

Those eggs are gonna be cute, I can tell. Mimi

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