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March 24, 2009


Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures!!! Certainly inspiring for Spring!

Your flowers look beautiful. I can't wait for warm weather either!! And I live in California:) So I can only imagine what you must be feeling. Can't wait to see those eggs, hope I get on early enough to snap one up!!


Yes...Happy Spring indeed! Gorgeous flowers Andrea, and I totally agree with the flip flops and being a warm weather girl.

When I moved to New York I didn't even own a pair of closed toe shoes, and being that I moved there in December, I immediately ran to the nearest shoe store!

I'm happy to be back home in California...if only I could wear my flip flops to work...sigh!

Beautiful flowers...they were my mom's favorite:) I really should move to a "tropical" sort of place so I could wear my flip-flops all year long.

I cannot wait to wear flip flops!!!! Skirts and enjoy some nice weather!!!

Happy Spring to you too!!!!


happy, sunny just what a tired mother with a newborn needs to see! wow, i'm actually making progress, i'm posting on blogs!
k & d too

Thanks for sharing such pretty photos today. They yellow flowers are beautiful. I really needed that dose of yellow "sunshine" to add a little cheer to what has been a gloomy and rainy day here in Minnesota.

Oh happy day, spring has sprung! These buttercup yellow daffodils are my favorite daffodil. And I totally get ya about the socks or lack there of. Sandals come out early spring and stay out till early fall! xoxo

Amazing! Happy Spring wishes to you as well! What kind of daffodils are these? Some kind of romantic double? I am loving the yellow on my monster forsythia~

What stunning flowers! I am so excited for spring too. Last week we had beautiful weather and now we are expecting a terrible snowstorm on Thursday. Yikes. I'll just have to keep looking at your flowers.

Love the flowers and boy do I love spring. Wisteria in full bloom graces my back fence, the narcissus and the tulips are up, the grass is turning green...yep it's spring.. and my winter shoes are no where in site! Off to get a pedicure...

What a treat to have these beauties in your own backyard! I love fresh flowers in the house all the time too.

I am so hoping that the cherry blossoms will be in bloom next week when I am in town! I missed them last year.

Looks like I will be free on Wed. and Thur. if you can get away.

Those daffodils are like a breath of fresh air!

Hi Andrea,

Lovely website, lovely blog. The sweet treats will look great.


happy spring!!!! thinking of you... xoxo Laura

AMAZING flowers Andrea! I am very jealous! Thanks for the feelings of spring today!

Happy spring to you! Nothing says it like these photos!

Just found this blog - it's beautiful x

Thank you for the punch of color :)

I have been taking some Spring flower pictures as well. They are wonderful. Too bad they leave us too quickly.

Beautiful flowers Andrea!!
Happy Spring to you!

Well, I sure needed that! Your daffodils are just gorgeous!

If you have a second, pop over to my blog (3-25 post titled Spring in the Hills) and see what "spring" brought me.....

A hint---it wasn't daffodils! LOL!!!

Oh Andrea, I sure needed to see your beautiful daffodils!

Take a quick hop over to my blog (3-25 post titled Spring in the Hills!) and see what "spring" brought to me.....

Here's a hint...it wasn't daffodils! LOL!

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