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March 29, 2009


The eggs are beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

how do i get to your online shop?

love the eggs! You should make more! I especially liked the pink ones!

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom.

The roses are so beautiful, the color is


Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week together. I love when my mom is able to visit! I enjoy watching old movies with my mom...Doris Day, Carey Grant....

oh Andrea, how could you not know your eggs are beautiful?? I didn't even get a chance to see them before they were sold out. Everything you do is so eye pleasing and beautiful. Have a good week with the boys and getting back to normal. Hope you find time to blog. It really lifts my day!

Oh wow, i wandered into your blog space today and been totally enchanted with all your lovely creative and inspirational posts.

Andrea, so happy you had a nice time with your mom!
and those eggs you made were so pretty- and boy did they go fast!!
have a great week, xo natalea

The flowers are just beautiful! ~ You always bring delight with your posts ~ And, Your eggs that you made are the most beautiful I've seen Andrea ~ You have talent, grace, beauty and charm ~ never be afraid to sell what is created from your heart. Best wishes for the week ahead ~ xoxo

Oh Andrea, you certainly don't need to worry about whether people will like what you make! Did you notice how fast those eggs sold? I looked at them just about 3 or 4 hours after you listed them and THEY WERE ALL GONE!!! They were gorgeous, are you making any more??!!
Love your stuff,

Your eggs below are beautiful!

Hi Andrea,
What beautiful Roses.
I'm sure your mom misses you too!! Glad you had a nice visit.
I love your eggs, you did a wonderful job.
They are so pretty!

Andrea, how nice you were able to spend time with your mom. My mom is coming in April to visit for a week. I'm looking forward to spending time with her. My husband also works out of town and I too have some long days, I understand. I can relate to your nervousness, but no worries, your creations, no matter what they are, are always so beautiful. Look forward to peeking at the new goodies in your shop. XO Kelli

The Sanford and Son comment made me laugh! I love the words you wrote about you and your mom.....so sweet. Makes me want to go spend more time with my mom and bake cookies and talk. :) Have a great week---very pretty eggs by the way.

How could you not think those eggs were gonna sell??? Are ya crazy?? They were beautiful!! Can't wait to get mine;) Your a lucky lady to be so close to your mom. And I know what you mean about the magazines! Speaking of which.....

It's so awesome to hear a girl who loves her mother to visit. I love visiting my girls and hope they enjoy my visits as well.

nothing like mom & daughter time. the pink roses are so pretty!

I would have SERIOUSLY been on my computer at 4pm sharp to snatch up one of your beautiful eggs. They are stunning!!! I was out of town tho' and had no access to a computer. :( Anyhoo, Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your Mom and you stayed quite busy doing fun things! Your roses are sooo lovely!! Have a great week sweetie! XO,Jenn

Well of course everyone loved your eggs silly girl! Your work is magnificent!!! xo

I can't believe you were nervous about those eggs. they are so incredibly beautiful...

I love the roses! Pretty stuff! Come on over and enter my giveaway! Your roses make me want spring even more!

Hi Andrea! I just recieved my egg in the mail and it is so, so beautiful! I absolutely love it...even prettier in person and I didn't think it could get any prettier! I was so upset that I missed out last year that I actually set my kitchen timer to go off at exactly 4pm this year. I will treasure it always!

Hi, my name is bj and i posted your pink fluff ball photo on my blog today. i am sorry if i shouldn't have done it...i found the photo oon Google and just copied it. Then, when everyone wanted the recipe, i came back over to see if i could find one...and discovered it on YOUR blog. I am sorry i didn't ck it further before posting your photo...i hope it is ok. And, may i post your delicious sounding recipe ? Thanks...

Your pictures are always so beautiful! I love the roses and the eggs! The rhinestone vintage pieces are amazing...great find!

Andrea, your eggs, flowers and sentiments for your mom are all so sweet! See you soon!
Xoxoxo, tiffany

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