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March 26, 2009


I saw this and it looks wonderful. I wish I lived closer or that I could leave for a weekend! I can't even go down the street without a kid or husband looking for me!! Ahhh....someday:) I will just have to be happy living vicariously through blogland and keep to my Atristic Bliss events. May should have some great blog posts from everyone:) Can't wait to see your projects.

Oooh, I adore Jenn. She loves everything sweet and feminine. I hope to see lots of amazing photos of this fabulous get-together. Enjoy!!

I saw this on Jenn's blog a little while ago. I'd love to come. Georgia...sigh! If only I had someone willing to watch 3 little ones for three days. I'm in dire need of a getaway! Maybe when my little man no longer needs his milk maid hehe. Can't wait to see finished projects!

I can't wait! I'll see ya then. I just love the garden theme.

I'll be there. I am so excited but also a little nervous and intimidated. You guys are the "rock stars" and I am feeling a little out of my league.

Looking forward to meeting so many of my favorite daily reads voice to voice and face to face.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I hate that I can't go after all!

Wish I could be there and meet and craft with everyone,but my show at Lakewood 400 is that weekend.LOL...maybe next time!!

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