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March 16, 2009


Such a happy sight!

love this! How lovely!

lol.....Intentions to sell...yet never gets around to photographing....hmmmmm sounds vaguely familar.... :)

I love those paper pattern flowers. I'm thinking they'd make great decorations at a bridal shower. Mimi

This is too cool!

Love the bells, the pom poms and glittered letters...as for the parasol... well i sent ya an email confirming your earlier statement. we were indeed separated at birth. xoxo

Thanks for the links Andrea. I have been trying for the good part of a year to find creme crepe paper! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

Thanks for the post! I too am hanging parasols in my guest bedroom (made from paper and bamboo).


Your ceiling looks absolutely adorable!

I love the way you think!
This is such a clever idea...my craft room has a 13 foot high ceiling and you have inspired me to look...up!

Well I know you are going to know which pictures I'm talking about here....

I was only just thinking this week, that I should hang some forget me nots from fishing line, from the ceiling, a-la-Rachel Ashwell when she did Lily's room. Remember that? I know you will. But I had no idea how to put them up into the ceiling. I was thinking of stapling them up but figured, that was a dumb idea. Cup hooks! Of course!!! Thank you!!! I'll email you when I'm done, lol.

Oh, and I have a massively big ruffly (green of course) crinoline up on my wall, very high up out of reach, because it's just so big. Hanging it from the ceiling would be awesome, to walk under it. Shorty pants people like me could walk under, but you wouldn't be able to. You must have really high ceilings, lol! xoxo

darling idea.

I have things all of the time that nevers makes it to my site. It is so time consuming to get things posted....so I understand. LOVE the pattern balls...I have got to make those. Even cuter than Martha's :-)

Love the pom-poms! I may try them for my shop. Here is a picture of how I hung a bunch of parasols last summer. It looked so pretty and I just used the fishing line:

How pretty! I love decorating with Japanese lanterns!

Love it! I'm wanting to do something similar to this in my girls nursery.

too cute..... :) It most make your studio feel so cozy! I love it.

Very Clever, I love all your ideas....you are an inspiration to us all, I always look forward to what you will do next!!

The other Tracey

Great ceiling decorations, such a wonderful reason to look up.

What color paint do you have on your walls in there? I'm wanting to talk my husband into repainting my office, but after the fiasco we just had with painting the bedroom, I better get the color right the first time! Your color looks soft and neutral.

party cheap is one of my favorites! and I love to hang things from the ceiling too.... i have always wanted a screened in porch with a ceiling covered with paper laterns of all sizes and colors...

what a great idea! I might just try that!! Big mermaid hugs


love everything Andrea!!! Sooo fabulous!! I too have taken to decorating my ceiling!! lol. There is only so much you can put on the walls before you have to go up!! lol. I hope you have a wonderful day!!! huge hugs!!! Britt :-)

This photo just convinced me that I need to paint my walls. Off to the paint store tonight! I love it!

S.M.I.L.E. Happy happies.

It's absolutely magical Andrea!! I have a few old honeycomb bells hanging in my playroom also. Now I want tissue pom pom balls hanging from the ceiling. When I get the roll of the eyes from the hubby, I'm going to blame it on you!
xoxo Cammy

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