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March 04, 2009


I am drooling over the Venetian box...so beautiful!!!!

What cool photos!!! Love everything!!

the pin block, the trim and the wee shoes are my favs! What great finds, and as always your pics are delightful! cheers!

Your photos are just lovely, yes I totally get the concept of the more beat up it is, the more I want it!
It's the book without a spine, the jewels with some missing stones, the chipped frame, I just love it all.......

lovely photos as always :) where, oh where did you get the new rusted flower sconce? it is so pretty!

have a great week-

Seeing all your photos is like looking through the treasures at my grandmothers.
Love every one of them.
Thanks for sharing! ~ Rebecca

i want those doll shoes, to die for.
they would be so cute turned into pin cushions!!

So pretty, funny that George says "should I dump the rest of this coffe or do you want to dye something?" Frank saves me his remaining coffee in the French Press each morning!
Love old doll shoes! These are the sweetest!

My Motto:anybody can have the new shiny stuff,it takes a special eye to love the loved!

Those are truly lovely! I am glad they are being treasured and displayed!

I love all of the treasures...my favorites are the old jewelry and the cake topper...ADORABLE!!!

I hear you and totally agree Andrea! Sometimes the most worn, chippy, rusted out things are the most beautiful. I adore that block of pins, I saw one in one of Rachel Ashwell's books and have loved them since, though I've never actually SEEN them, ha! xo

despite all the tattered, chippy, frayed, rusted, tarnished, broken, I still love all the stuff you shared here.. So pretty! have a great day Andrea!

Oh, looking at all of your lovelies makes me want to go shopping...or create something! tfs

Love all of it.. Right up my Alley!!!

Just so cute!

You always have the prettiest things! Old, shabby, chipped...love it:)

Such pretty things - I loved the chippy pearls and especially the little doll shoes.

I wish I had appreciated these things more when my grandma was alive. She had a love for all things old and chippy~ She used to drag me around to all the antique shops with her whenever I came to visit her or vice versa, if I only knew then what I know now!! She was a real champ when it came to negotiating a price too. Beautiful pictures:)

I'm right there with you! I love old bits and baubles, ones with missing stones included! I love chippy things. as well. LOVE the new old sconce! Where did you get that??

Back Porch Blessings,

I love old worn things! Most of my vintage jewelry has stones missing, but I love them anyways!

I still think I should come over to your house to play..................

I loves nostalgia! And those pics are all about beauty and nostalgia!

Stunning photos, I love everything ~ especially the Venetian box, yes I covet the Venetian box!

I love your photos of all your stash. The more the better! Please please remember to show us what you use those doll shoes for - those are beautiful.
I was cracking up about the leftover coffee:-) Isn't it great when our husbands know us that well!!

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