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March 04, 2009


Oh, how I love dingy and corroded!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Hi Andrea!!!! It has been a while, I loved your recent post about old tarnished things. They have so much character!!! I hope that good weather will bring a lot of flea markets so we can find some old tarnished goodies!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Check my blog when you can Giovanni has finally arrived!!!!

I have to agree with you, perfection is often found in imperfection.
I love the Venetian box!

I'm with you...the more tattered and rusty...the better.

Cute pin block! I have never seen one of those before....

Love all your fun vintage worn items!

I can totally relate to the coffee dying. I'm always using left-over coffee!

Gotta love that coffee!

Oh! I recently happened upon your blog and I LOVE it. I share a love of all things antique and lovely ;). I love how you stick things in your coffee to dye them..... Great idea! :)

Lovely pictures of lovely things! xo, suzy

Such beautiful treasures! I love the look :) And again, I can see that I'm not the only one.

I love the old jewelry... and I do the same: incorporate old pieces into a new ones. Pieces that have missing jewels just tell you that they've been well loved.

Yes, the older the better. And imperfections make it perfect, in my opinion!

Beautiful photos and items, I love them all.

I read the title and thought this post was all about me! I am sure you're onto something flowers seem to have a second lovelieness after they die for me!

such great photos. all show items of such vintage beauty!

Love your hubby's comments! Sounds like a good guy to have around.

Your pictures attest to the fact that we should become pack rats. ;-) Good for the environment - and creativity.

Have a fun day!

Everything is my favorite! Could fill my whole house with these things:)

Oh my, I love the pin block. I don't think I've ever seen one before. You made me remember that I should take a picture of my vintage hats. Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Your husband cracks me up. They figure us out, don't they, eventually.

You have such gorgeous things. Love it all. Mimi

In overcast conditions the skylight is always blue (clear skies are needed for the pink light) and it is generally much darker, with night falling much more quickly.

We have a hand forged iron lighting just like that sconce, but we haven't tried making it look old. I think I'll give it more years before I actually make it look like an antique. Hehe! I love your vintage items, especially those chipped pearls.

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