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March 20, 2009


Andrea, you always find the best things. You must live near a big city. Here...lucky to find really good stuff - only rarely! But...that means taking a drive to parts farther afield - what fun! Day trips to plan for!

I love everything you bought, and I have never seen a sewing rose...now I want one! Thanks for sharing your treasures!

Andrea...thanks for sharing your finds. I especially love the BLING!
I've been repurposing some more of my BLING. Come on by when you get the chance.
Have a great weekend!


Okay, I'm jealous! Everything is beautiful but I too love the gum box the most!!! Indeed a treasure worth splurging for!!!!!

Fabulous finds! The chewing gum box is my favorite. Hope you have a great weekend.

What great finds!! I adore that parasoul

what lovely finds! I love the parasol. glad you had such a wonderful week.

Great pickins Andrea! Thanks for sharing. I love the sewing roses....and the chewing gum box, and your umbrella...and ok, I love it all.

OMGoodness!! So many pretty things!! I'd say you definitely had a great day antiquing! And I LOVE the parasol!

Yummy - lucky girl. I don't have too many antique stores around me and the ones that I do have never have such great vintag-y goodness. SO glad you were able to go out and have YOU time. Have a great weekend.

Wow! What fun finds!

Great goods! I plan on being in VA for a week soon, if you have time to get out for a bit more shopping, or just a cup of coffee, let me know. I'm flying out on the 30th, we are going to an art opening a friend is having in DC. I'll be in our apartment there for a week, and plan to get some exploring in, so can head down to your town if you have any free time.

Hi Andrea,
Love everything you found...what fun! I love the book, great graphic and the title is perfect. Glad you were able to get out for a bit, we need to do that for ourselves every now and then. I actually took the day off from work today, needed a "mental health" day..lol! Well thanks for sharing and for the wonderful eye candy!

Love, Love, Love, the parasol. Glad you had a fun time. I'm hoping to go to New Orleans on Monday and maybe look around for some goodies too.

My, my, my....you certainly live in the right part of the country. What fabulous finds! I went out last weekend and came home empty handed. I know another mans junk is another mans treasure, but around here it's more like "sunken" treasure!
Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope.

Such fun finds - it's always interesting to see how a day's treasures come together. I love love love your blog and have 100 wishes that you'd start "tweeting" so I can keep better track of you. :)

When I saw your first photo, I had a jolt---something looked familiar there, but I couldn't quite figure out what.... Then I knew! The Sen-Sen box! There is one just like it upstairs at my Mom's house in a trunk full of some of my Grandma's old treasures! So cool!

Those rhinestone pieces are great!!!

Beautiful Andrea, its all beautiful, particulary love the chewing gum box, if only it came like that today! Rachaelxo

Love your yummy pink theme. Your finds are all wonderful.

I took my youngest (two) into an antique store that I had been wanting to visit for over a year. I finally decided to just do it and put him in a stroller. I kept on feeding him snacks and making sure he couldn't reach anything...very difficult. Glad you had a fun day out looking for beautiful treasures.

Wow, what a great group of treasures! I loved the rinestone bow pin as soon as I saw it then I loved the box also, espically the inside and then you added the parasol this was just to much! You had to have had a great time finding everything you did. Thanks for sharing.

Such beautiful treasures!!! I especially love the pink purchases.

What a beautiful collection of vintage treasures. I would love to own any of them ~ but I think my favourite would have to be the Sen-Sen box. I love the colour theme that you drawn to ~ very gentle palette!
Stunning photos too!

Love all your goodies but I had to smile at the Goldfish. Saturday there was a trail in Target. Luckily I didn't take home more than my one chippy little girl :) I always remark to Mom as to how you got by without those back then--she does that all knowing smile and laughs! Oh well, if you're in SC just follow that trail to my house-LOL!

Oh, such awesome finds! love the chewing gum box. and the umbrella is beautiful!

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