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March 09, 2009


Good morning Andrea!!!!

thank you so much for your kind comments!!!

I love these glass vials, they make things look organized and beautiful!!! I should spend the day organizing my stuff, it is cloudy here in NJ, so it would be perfect to do this today!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


I think this is a great way to store little bits and bobs. Clarice

Oh I could use 2 dozen or so of these easily. I like everything at my fingerstips and in eyesight too.

I love these little corked vials! Thanks for sharing:)

Clever yet beautiful storage :)

Thank you so much for sharing that site! What a great resource!!!

This is a lovely idea! I should really start sorting out my little bits and bobs too, there all mixed in one box, how terrible of me! lol I think I may purchase some of these and start sorting!

i love your everyday happy music. if you can believe it, i am rocking out to stevie right now ;) i so love her... and brown eyed girl, well, even my kids know those words!

OOOO...look at all the purdy sparklies! Love the corked bottles! Thanks!

Gosh Andrea...you can make anything look gorgeous!

These cork vials would be the perfect way to store my cupcake colored sugar sprinkles, edible pearls and nonpareils. Practical and beautiful all at the same time, thanks for sharing!

I love these!! I like to do that too! :)

great idea, now if you could just supply me with the goodies to put in them....

Love the storage in the vials idea. But then, I pretty much like ALL your ideas!! Thanks for always helping me out when I need something...you're the best. Hope your boys get to feeling better very soon! Looking forward to Monday!


The vials are wonderful and look so lovely in your photographs. I love keeping my button collection in glass jars, it is so inspiring to see all the pretties!
Thanks for the link to the supply company.

So cute! I also have to SEE everything while I am creating....wonderful solution. Thanks.

Cute new banner!! Bright and fresh and fun.


Someone has been playing with her blog;) Love the new banner and the vials of course! Have a few of those myself.
My email is down, I can receive messages but can't send them. Ughh! So an answer to one of your questions is no, I don't get used to deployments. To be honest it was much easier on us as a family back in the day when one day he would come home from work and say I am going, don't know when I'll be back. All this anticipation gets old and makes me a little anxious sometimes. But back in the 90's it would be 6 months and he was back. This 14 to 18 months, for the lack of a better word, sucks:) But when you have lived like this for your whole married life you adapt. As I am sure you have with your husband's job. It just seems like time is really flying now that we are on the countdown. It will unfortunately seem like it's standing still when he goes. The good news with that is it makes us both appreciate each other so much.
Thanks for asking:)

Such gorgeous little bottles. Full of fun things to play with. Mimi

Oh, I just LOVE these glass vials!! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the link...I'm definitely going to have to stock up on these!
Have a great week!

It's just magical to see all the beautiful beads and baubles in these wonderful jars.

Oh Andrea, my heart is just all a flutter! You are such a continued source of beautiful inspiration.
I have so many little bits and bobs and I just love this idea for storing these little treasures. Thanks so much for sharing the link.

Love the bottles...can think of plenty to put in them.Thanks for the tip!


That is such a great idea. For my beads and baubles I have been reusing the plastic containers that contain electrical tape. Yes, my husband is an electrician.

your display is beautiful! so colorful! too many tiny little vials for me though! i like to keep my tiny embellishments in antique canning jars. easier to dust and they don't fall over as easily! can't wait for the shop to open!

Hi Andrea

These are beautiful. I have all sorts of glass jars and containers all over the place filled with beads...but they are usually more than half empty because they are too big. What a great solution. Thanks for a dose of color on a dreary, rainy, day. :) Stephanie

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