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March 09, 2009


Andrea what a wonderful way to display your little treasures. So much easier when you can see what you have to work with. Can't believe how long it is since I caught up with your blog. Been so busy with Amy's wedding preparations.

Oh good grief I am such a sheep!... had to order 100 bottles.. but did get a nice discount! :) thanks for the heads up..


Hi Andrea,
I'm a very visual person as well. If I don't see my things, I forget that I have them. Great idea! Thanks for the link. Everything looks so beautiful as always!
xo Kelli

Love your new LOOK.

Thank you for the information on the vials.

I love glass containers and collect old bottles.

Love these! Thanks for the info! Love your blog

Andrea, these are art before you've even made art with anything inside them!

Who knew that little glass cork viles could look so beautiful filled with the prettiest sparkles when grouped together. Thanks for sharing with us! :) XO,Jenn

I filled little vials like that with glitter and called them Fairy Dust for my daughters b-day party a few years ago. The funny thing was when I was searching for the best deal online I kept coming across witchcraft supply stores... LOL

do you sell the longer vials? about 1.7 inches?

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