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March 02, 2009


What a good hubby you have...bringing home chocolates! Sounds like he & the boys enjoyed some good old-fashioned fun in the snow:) And Sam is walking, oh wow! They do grow fast {speaking of fast, hope you have your running shoes on so you can keep up with both boys now}!

Thank you! What a Great America Portrait!

about the dish cloth---I love you even more now! My kind of pattern.....I can't read those silly things either :) What pretty winter pictures!

Hi Andrea,

I enjoy your blog so much, so excited every time there's a new entry....I have a life really I do...I just can't get enough of your beautiful photos and interesting topics.

Just want you to know I realize how difficult it is to find the time with a young family and everything else you have going on, thank you for making the effort and sharing your time.

What a lovely "everyday beauty" kind of post! Would you ever consider a house tour post? I'd love to see more of your obviously beautiful home!


Hi Andrea,
Hope you and your family savour every precious moment together. Sounds like you are going to have a lovely time, with so many things to enjoy and smile about.
Thanks for sharing!

Hi Andrea,
Glad to hear your hubby is home safe & sound. So sweet, that he brought you home chocolate. The chocolate hearts are a brilliant color pink. Congrats on Sam's first steps! The shoes you posted will be perfect. I love getting mail too! Nice pictures of the snow. We got snow here too in NY. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Great job on organizing your craft room.

Hi Andrea~ We're so proud of "Baby" Sam! He is getting so big, hope we get to see him and Mario soon. I sure wish we could share some of our Ohio snow with George...I bought all my veggie seed packets and keep checking for primroses in the backyard (not gonna happen when it's 18 degrees like it was today).

Oh look at Sam! What a sweet and handsome boy!! I am so jealous of the snow. I would have loved one big snow fall this year, everything covered in white...so lovely. At least for a few days : )

The snow looks absolutely beautiful! It was 86 here today and most of the weekend. It felt like summer. Chili and a fire sound so inviting. I can't remember the last time I saw that much snow.
Glad to hear George is home! And just in time to see little Sam start walking.
I'm happy for you all!


How lovely! The snow missed us this time, and your pictures are soo making me wish it hadn't!

I linked over from Vintage Trifles. I keep seeing your link on all my favorite blogs so thought I should stop by. Your blog header is just amazing! The photos are lovely, especially the one of your son stepping out into the world.
Come by my blog sometime...Thanks!
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash

What a lovely post! Gorgeous photos...the snow looks so pretty (we usually only get a dusting like icing sugar here in England!)

Beautiful snow. I love snow days, they give you permission to relax your routine and just be cozy. As much as I am looking forward to Spring, one more good snow wouldn't be too bad. Pam

We had the first significant snow since I moved to southcentral Tennessee almost four years ago. I was DELIGHTED! I moved here from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky where, by this late date in the season, we had seen so much snow we were likely sick of it! I went out first thing to take photos. Of course, by noon, it has mostly melted away...but I had a good hour or two to enjoy! Glad your family had the opportunity to enjoy, as well! Have a beautiful week, and thank you for sharing your day with us!


I love a cozy day with snow , hope you had hot chocolate and 'the works' to make it perfect. And Sam - he's just Cute!

Hooray for Sam! He is just so cute!

Your pictures are adorable, congrats on being the mommy of a walking cutie!

Andrea what a beautiful snowy scene! I love those disclothes. My mother used to make them for my sister and I. Now that I nkow how to crochet I may try my hand at them! Your craft room is so organized. Love those jars!

I love looking at all the cute bits and pieces of your life on the blog...Such creativity!!! But I would really like to know how you keep your white sofas CLEAN with 2 young children. I am impressed.

Sam so needs those darling shoes now. I love your little vials for organizing...so cute!

Awwwww....that picture of Sam walking is just too much! I love the expression.....and the little outstretched arms....I can't take it! It seems just like yesterday for me :) Now he's four! How did that happen!?!?!

So glad your hubby got home ok and the chocolates are fabulous!!! Ooh La La!

(Also congrats on the young one taking his first steps... must be ready for Harvard by now!!)

Hi Andrea, Came by to visit...Oh congratulations Sam..he has so much personality I can see it it his little cute face!!! Oh and the snow.. I miss it... I hope you have your studio done... I am still working on mine. xoxo laura

Your Sam is just precious. There's something about boys in overalls. Too sweet. And I know exactly how you feel about Harvard. I can totally relate.

I adore your new blog banner! And just eye candy everywhere.


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