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February 16, 2009


Those cupcakes are GORGEOUS, and look delicious! :)


Know what? I think I need some frosting for myself!!! lol...
Hugs and thanks for the idea! lol

Can I come over for lunch please????? x

I'll be right over!

Those look like the perfect lunch! They look delicous!

Oh yum! Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat...almost:)

Sounds like the perfect lunch to me!!
Beautiful and yummy what could be better?

They are beautiful! Do you have a heart to eat them? What are the roses made of, by the way?

Just what I needed Andrea! Ihave been on a diet since christmas (glad to say 20 pounds lost!) and I have been sniffing and alsmot eating your cocina glue everytime I want dessert! Now I can vicariously eat this virtual frosting from you! keep those desserts coming! YUM! LOL!!
xoxo, Tiffany

Just what I needed Andrea! A yummy virtual dessert! I have been on a diet since christmas (happy to say, 20 pounds lost!) and I have been living on smelling your cocina glue for dessert! Now I can vicariously satisfy myself once more thanks to you! LOL!!
xoxo, Tiffany

so beautiful!! that pic just made me so thirsty for milk

YUm , everything you do looks so effortless,, they look divine - put the the kettle on I'll be right there...

I'm sorry, what time was I suppose to be there ;o) ...the cupcakes look amazing!

wow they look to dang pretty to eat!

Ooh, yummers! Yes, please.

Sometimes baking is the perfect excuse to eat the batter....or frosting! I have baked cookies with the same motivation :)

I make mine with cream cheese too! Yummo! Love the rosettes. . .

Hugs, Kim

any leftovers? hehehehehe.. I am coming over for the scrumptious cakes!.. yum! hehehehe have a great week andrea!..

they look so delicious, I am salivating!

Great photo!!! They look delish! laurie

ummmm. yes please. If there any leftovers?

Oh, my! Chocolate cupcakes with an over abundance of frosting! This is exactly what I dream of at night! Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

Cupcakes are my favorite. I am the mom at every birthday party when every OTHER mom is saying no thanks to the cupcakes I am saying "yes, please". Yours look incredible. Did you make the roses? Please say no and I will feel a little better.

Frosting is the best part, just beautiful Clarice

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