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February 09, 2009


Hi rock on that's funny.. listen I did that a few months ago..I just glued them together with some craft glue....mine wasn't rock on it... xoxoxo laura

too funny, now if the middle one was left, then you would just have some bad luck.

So sorry about your little mishap...I feel for you, last week while answering the phone, the cord somehow entangled my favorite bisque doll's little feet. Her head lies in a hundred pieces, The feathered look it much more beautiful than the minimalist zen look, so ROCK ON!!

Oh No!! I am sorry that pretty hand broke - But, I just had to smile at the photo - Hope you Have a great week, and remember, don't dust too much!! ~ xo

that is exactly why i don't dust either!!
but now it is rock n roll devil horns which is pretty cool:D

ROCK FOREVER! LOL that is so funny!

awww andrea- i cannot help but laugh. it totally says "rock on"...now that just makes you one bad rock n roll mama ;)

Oh no! Maybe you could glue the fingers back on and paint it with an antique-crackle glaze to hide the broken parts?? Or just keep those fingers covered with rings :) Poor little hand.

Oh that sucks!! I have a hutch filled with Swarvoski crystals I have collected over the years and I only get in and really clean it once a year. And every single time I manage to break at least one thing. Last time I took my mama beavers tail right off:(

I lost some fingers and part of the base of a hand, one that I really liked and wanted to keep. So I glued it back together and covered it in vintage paper to cover the cracks. I like it better now. Good luck with it, if you fix it, and rock on.

Oh yes, that's why I don't dust either! Hope you can get those fingers back on :)

I vote for no Dusting! How about your pretty ribbons saying just so no to dusting,with your sweet broken hand in the background! Or No New Dusting! or a secret code of the broken hand with a circle around it and line thru it! Sorry about your accident,but thank you for sharing we have all been there!
No More Dusting for you!

ROFL! Hidden message?! The universe telling you how very cool you truly are... Rock on!

Cracking UP over here!!!! Although a tragedy indeed, how can this not make you laugh out loud everytime you see it? It would have been even funnier if it was "the other finger!" Your husband probably gets a kick out of it too!!
xoxo, Tiffany

I am loving it! Any excuse not to dust -
I remember this one. I might break something.

hilarious! Sad that it broke though!!!

You made me smile at the "rock on". I am sorry it got broken though.

Can you hear me laughing????? I am sitting her on the sofa reading a few blogs and my hubby even laughed at your post. This is one of my favorite posts. Take care, Lori

Ha ha...too funny! I kind of like it that way.

Surround yourself with beauty I say, Yes I know clutter has its downside, but there is joy with that beauty!

That's hilarious and sad at the same time!

That is awesome! Yes, it could have been worse with other fingers breaking off. Put that duster down!

Another great reason to paint everything white! The dust doesn't show as bad....you know its there but its not as bad as dark woods :)

I'd stick flowers in the missing fingers and make an I love you vase...just a thought...

I saw it saying, "I love you" in sign language. A little E6000 or Gorilla glue and you can stick the broken ones right back on.

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