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February 08, 2009


Oh Andrea, that gold and pink and cream horseshoe one is my favorite too. One of my favorite color combinations. GORGEOUS>

I love all of your ribbons...they are just fabulous! Glad you're back after a busy week, and congrats on the Daily Candy feature...so well deserved! xo suzanne

Gorgeous Andrea - I love your collection, but I agree that the Pink, Gold and Cream is my favorite too! It is very unique with the points ~ I am so glad you showed us!! xoxo

I would love to know how to make one, do you have a tutorial or know where there is one? Thanks

What an awesome collection - who knew to collect such an object! I'll now be on the look out on my next visit to my local antique stores.

what an amazing collection Andrea! I will know who to send them to if i ever find them out and about! xo natalea

You know, I never once thought about prize ribbons before. But seeing your collection all here together, really has an impact. I'll have my eye out for them when I am shopping from now on.

Hi! I just found you and what a ab-fab post! It's a gorgeous collection .... I can just imagine these used in a little rider girl's vintage room!! I'll be back:)

When all five of my kids were competing in the county fair for 4-H, we amassed quite a collection of prize ribbons! Nothing so fancy as those awesome horse-show ribbons, but still fun. I had a big wreath my husband wove out of red dogwood from our meadow, and so as each brought home ribbons we'd hang them on the wreath. Everything from the consolation prize "participation" ribbons to the A-grades all the way to state fair Outstanding of the Day! Great fun. My favorite is my daughter's for 'Outstanding Small Mammal'. Ha!

Those are gorgeous! I think your favorite is mine too! It's just so princess-y! I love the ribbons in your shop and congrats on the Daily Candy feature! That's how I found you! :)

Those are so fun!

Beautiful collection, my neighbor across the street has loads of prize ribbons from flower shows and I have told her whenever she wants to get rid of any... I'm right across the street LOL
Hugs, Diane

I used to have horses, and showed hunter-jumpers up until I was about 15 years old. I can remember every time I won a ribbon, I just loved the look of them... all of the detail. I couldn't have cared less what place I came in. I just loved feeling the soft satin in my hands. There used to be boxes and boxes of my old prize ribbons at my mom's house. I sure hope she hasn't since gotten rid of them. You've inspired me to scour her attic the next time I visit. Thanks for sharing your collection!

Such eye candy at your house! Im lovin it!

Fab collection! Love the eye candy! Thanks so so much!~~~XXOO, Beth

Maybe the reason we love these pretty blogs is that they are adult show and tell. We each get a chance to show our pretties and tell about them...and just like in kindergarten, our friends get to tell us how much they like them!

Thanks for sharing your collection, it's very cool.

WOW! That is quite the collection....I love the pink, creme and gold too....just beautiful!

What a wonderful collection. Love all the colors. Mimi

These gorgeous ribbons take me back to my childhood when we used to raise and show Arabian horses. My folks had a horse ranch and the upstairs office was covered in these ribbons. I wonder which of my sisters ended up with all of them?
Very pretty collection. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful collection! I have never seen any of these except here on your blog. I love that you recreate them in such wonderful designs and your mother's has such a unique design. Thanks for the show and tell. Have a wonderful week.

I totally enjoyed today's show and tell. Thanks so much for some pretty eye candy!


Great collection and congrats on the Daily Candy feature. I agree that the old ribbons have a different feel and look about them...truly something to be saved!

gorgeous collection!

Oh, shoot. Just a couple years ago, I finally threw out my huge box of ribbons that I had won over the years with my horses. Who knew??? I did save 1 huge purple "Best of Show" from the State Fair tho....

what a fabulous collection!

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