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February 25, 2009


That is an amazing post and one that has completely tantalized my senses! I love vintage and sewing and the combination is pure joy. Your photos are beautiful as well.

i love your sewing basket...wish mine looked like that! maybe i can dream...love the photos xo pamela

Oh, I love all the pretty colors and especially the theme, sewing. Very Pretty!

What a lovely basket ! Love the scissor !!! Thanx for sharing, and now go on to your bed ;-) To me it is morning and iam just out of bed ;-)

sleep well

Oh my! What a lovely basket. It is so charming that you have a vintage one.

You always take the most wonderful photo's!

Hope your are well. :)

OMG...I wish to have a pretty sewing basket like yours! Where can i get it??? Beatiful things always make my eyes goes *blink*


Your sewing basket is wonderful,
mines a commercial shop bought one, but I love it dearly, but what I wouldn't give to have a sewing box like yours! It's truly beautiful, and yes, my sewing box is exactly in the same 'organised mess' as yours lol

Sewing basket to me a very nostalgic. I always admired my Moms. It was the second best thing to digging through her jewelry box. Your box is very lovely and suits you. Thanks for sharing! Nancy :)

That is such a beautiful sewing basket - love that pastel pink lining! And those heart shape pins are the most adorable thing!

oh my......just so beautiful.

absolutely lovely! hope you got some rest!

You've done it again...what a dreamy sewing basket...I am loving every detail! Thank you for sharing another beautiful glimpse into your world...can't wait to see the newly organized craft room! xo suzanne

I LUV sewing baskets,pincushions, needlebooks,old threads,ect. I think you just heated up my addiction again,and just with a picture..........Thanks,Amy

That is the prettiest sewing basket I've ever seen! Wish I had one all packed with goodies...and I can't even sew:)

Just sooo beautiful!!! Laurie

I'm having sewing basket envy, and, throw in an organized craft room!?!?!? It is almost March, so the envy green is appropriate and won't be so noticable.
Jump over to Elizabeth Holcombe Words and Whimsies she has a whole blog post on a collection of sewing baskets. I must just be craft impaired my 'sewing basket' is a sewing box from the 60's I've had since I was 7.

Wow, this is perfectly pretty‚ô•
Please stop by my blog and feel free to enter my Give-Away :)

Lovely! And I loved the strawberry and the pins - I've just started looking around for pretty pins myself , but I didn't know they came in little heart shapes lol!

It's absolutely gorgeous and I am quite green with envy! I love the pinkness of it!

Cathy :)

I can't wait to see the pics of your organized craft room!! The basket makes me wish I could sew;)

So lovely! ~Mandy

Hi Andrea,

You photographed your sewing basket, very well. It looks so pretty! Even though it is a simple title "my sewing basket", it is nice to look at, all the pretty colors and details. I love the heart pins, I have
never seen them before, your post.
Great sewing basket too!

What a beautiful basket!

You've made me realize that I need a sewing basket. I don't have one. I hate to sew, but end up doing it every so often. I'll bet that a pretty basket would make the whole thing go so much better.

That is a great sewing basket!!! Wow!

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