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February 26, 2009


LOVE the shoes! I swore I'd never buy into that character licensing crap on everything until my son was about 4 and everything HAD to be THOMAS the Tank Engine... and it's all been downhill since...

We carry a line of shoes by See Kai Run which look very similiar to these...so cute! They are soft and good for little wide feet.

Those are adorable...but they may not fit his foot. :( I bought my little guy the elephant shoes by the same company--and couldn't get them on his thick feet. I was so disappointed!!

It's best to keep little kids feet bare as long as you can! I worked in a shoestore for over 14 years and don't wanna tell ya how many customers we had who wanted to buy the cutest little shoes for an infant of 6 months! Poor kiddies! YES they DO look cute, I'll grant you that, lol

Hi Andrea, i'm sick of seeing around babies shoes printed in cartoons and etc too! So comercial and i don't really like a shoes with a big logo of the brand logo just like wearing it as the same time promoting their brand on the street. Nowadays ppl seem so care about the brands more than the quality.

Glad you found this shoes for ur baby boy:)


Those shoes are too cute! My daughter had "flintstone feet", too, when she was little...so hard to find shoes. I completely agree with you about the cartoons & characters on everything. It is maddening! Kind of makes me glad my daughters have outgrown that stuff:)

Your comment about "Flintstone feet" brought back memories. My husband called my petite little daughter's feet "hooves." They seemed thicker than they were long. Then she had to have ugly corrective shoes for awhile for a turned in foot. It was a relief when she got to the point where she could wear cute shoes. Now at 20 she can't seem to have enough cute shoes. I think she must take after her grandmother. It couldn't have anything to do with me, could it?

Love the shoes and love the fact that you refer to his feet as Flinstone! LOL! That is what I have always called our kids feet too! =)

I hear ya sister! I hate the cartoon apparel! It is so gaggy to me. Such cute shoes. LOVE THEM!

Totally agree! I swear my 9 month old daughter will never (or as long as I can help it) wear anything with a cartoon character on it. It took me forever to find a pair of plain brown shoes for winter. I finally found a pair of Jack and Lily shoes that are the perfect shade of dark brown. They go with everything and stay on her feet...yeah! They are probably marketed for boys, but I can live with that.

I think it is easier to find plain boy shoes though. They always have to put something on the girl shoes, and then they only match one outfit in the closet.

Oh, the day my 2 yr old wants cartoon crap, I will have to let her down (easy)! Thanks for the link to those shoes! I usually buy See Kai Run or Pedipeds, they accommodate the wide feet.

Love them! I'm debating on getting my little one the sandals for girls (so cute and love the thick soles)--I saw them in the new Garnet Hill catalog.

Oh this post is so funny! Poor Sam with what my family calls "FFF". Yep... Fred Flinstone Feet. I have them too! High instep and a wide foot. But no worries.. it doesn't hold me back from shoe shopping! So on behalf of a fellow FFF buddy....Yes please buy these for Sam. Thanks again for the post! You made my day. Can't wait to tell my sister that a little guy has FFF's too! Have a great weekend!

PS Andrea, I found double satin ribbon locally. It comes in large rolls. I picked up pale blue and white. Want some? I have something crazy like 25 yards. Please email me. Happy to share!

As a mom of two boys i know its hard to find shoes for boys. try www.naturinolosgatos.com

I just bought my 16 month old daughter a pair of Owl shoes from Livie & Luca-you will love these shoes! I too have trouble finding shoes for my newly walking daughter, but these are the best, softest, most comfortable shoes she has had yet. I found them on sale for $18 with a coupon too, so they weren't the regular priced investment-she grows so quickly I have a hard time spending more on a pair of shoes for her than for myself! She has been wearing them ever since they arrived in the mail, and has no red marks on her feet, squeals in delight when she looks down at them and even tries to get me to let her wear them to bed! If only they made snow boots-I too won't be purchasing any character "licensed" merchandise for my child any time soon! Get these for Sam, they are a great quality shoe and oh so stylish!

Shoe shopping will drive you mad if you let it. Especially for boys. You want to buy them good quality, nice looking shoes.

When they get a little older they seem to think it is a race to see if they can destroy them before they outgrow them and sometimes their feet grow sooooooo fast. I swore I would never buy the cartoon shoes but when your Son's eyes light up and he wants them so bad(and they are a fraction of the price)you just might give in. You will be replacing them in a couple of months anyway.

Boys only seem to have a couple of pairs of shoes at a time anyway where girls have many. I guess that is good because how they get holes on the sides and tops I'm not sure.


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