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February 14, 2009


Those are adorable!!! Happy Valentines Day too you too!

Just adorable!! These little things mean so much - priceless moments Andrea. Have a wonderful Valentines filled with love and family! xo

Oh so sweet:) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Sooo Sweet!! The time together, priceless. Happy Valentine's Day Andrea!!

Very cute ... Happy Valentines day to you & family !

Wonderful Valentine's. How fun for Mario to use his hand, it's so personalized! I used to make them with my kids and we had so much fun. Nice memories. Happy Valentine's Day.

hey sweets,
happy hearts day!!

Those valentines are sweet and oh, so adorable. That's a great cupcake cookbook and the pictures in it are so beautiful.

Happy V.tines day!

What a wonderful keepsake. Happy Valentine's Day!! Clarice

Just precious. You always have the cutest ideas. Happy Valentine's Day!

Love the valentines. Making great memories is the best. Mimi

Hi! AM a mother like you, too, and been planning to open shop... only, yours is classic victorian and just very sweet... mine, raw and DIY...

been visiting your site every now and then, like some sort of an inspiration (it just kind of refreshes - envy-envy. lol).

'nyway--- just to wish good day and all.

I love these! the finger prints make it perfect. Can you post this again early Feb. 2010 so I can remember how to make them? LOL

Thanks for sharing!

Those are adorable! I so loved making Valentine cards with my son for school, and so miss it now he is in High School

here is one from many years ago


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