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February 20, 2009


Isn't it grand to be useless. . .

Hugs, Kim

They are all so beautiful. Love the colors on each one. Mimi

Thanks so much for sharing your boxes- I love to see what other people collect. I especially love the post on barrettes (isn't that just a fabulous word?). And I can't wait to make paper pattern flowers - I use of fabric patterns for regular tissue paper for shipping purposes - it's another cute way to recycle!

No, Andrea! Beautiful, supposedly "useless" objects aren't really useless at all! They are eye candy that inspire and comfort. The inspiration alone that leads to using our creativity - you can't put a price on using our gifts and talents.

See....it's all in how you look at an object d'art. :-) Or so I tell myself too!

The yellow box is my favorite.


Such eye candy!
I'm picky about yellows, as I don't like many, but this one is just lovely!! The other boxes are just beautiful, but I think that yellow one is my fav!

Hi Andrea!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.I think I've figured out what attracts me to your blog...the pictures! Wherever you are it always looks bright, rosy, and springtime! :) Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Love Blog's Award...the details are on my Blog.

Thanks for always being so inspiring! Even your cupcakes made me want to bake ;)

I love all of your collections! Where do you put it all?
Hope you are having a nice weekend!

I have just come by your blog, and have been astounded by all the pretty things you own, oh I would adore to visit your house!
I have spent a while looking though all your posts...

I really liked the quote at the start of this post. Its the beautiful things that get me each time too! I adore these candy boxes.

that's quite the beautiful collection andrea!

i would buy almost anything if it was in a beautiful package...i am so glad to hear of others like myself...i told my daughter who is off to Paris in a few weeks that all i want is one of the packaging boxes from Laduree...whenever i buy something i tell the salesperson it is a gift(even if it is just for me).. so that they wrap it up pretty...when i get home i leave it in the wrap on the counter to admire for a few days...crazy i know..i will shop more at the stores that wrap my purchase up in beautiful packaging ....this is why i love your blog so much.. for the beautiful images you share....thank you!!!!

Sigh...I'm sure you're used to all kinds of gushing...but you really deserve it! Your collections are just gorgeous and the photos you take of them are even more fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your pretty little world with us. :)

Oh how yummy! Love the tin, just the right amount of soft, worn, yet feminine beauty. I know what you mean though. I love pretty things and looking at them makes me happy. My mother-in-law always says "how do you dust this place" when she comes over. I do not see it as an issue. I have fun touching and rearranging my things. (I should mention here that I once found some lovely "violet" candies once and stillhave them because I love the wrapper?

What a great collection! I love to see the different things people collect and these are fabulous! I can see why they make you smile!

Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Beautiful collection! That part of the quote gets me everytime too! There are so many beautiful "useless" collections to be had...I have quite a few ;)

I'm drooling! I must admit that chocolate can cause me to do that, lol, but it's the boxes that are causing it this time! What a lovely collection!

I've been doing my routine decluttering lately, and I've just about decided that beautiful is more useful to me than "useful", if that makes any sense at all! Oh, how I crave beauty and want it to surround me every day! It fills my soul in many more ways than the toaster or the microwave or the toothpaste do. Of course, I see a need to hang on to the toaster, microwave, toothpaste, etc...but the beauty around me makes me smile and fills me with joy and peace and tranquility...all very needed in a house occupied by 6 lively kids who love beauty, but forget to keep things beautiful :o)

Thank you for the eye candy!


I love those! what a great vintage things to have! Jen

SWOOOOOON! Omigosh! Im on a confection "high" after starring at your yummy collection!!! The V-day heart box is the most amazing find! $3??? Sheesh! Unbelievable! Im *sighing* with sheer content after oogling all your pretties! Thanks for sharing with us. :)XO,Jenn

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