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February 20, 2009


Those are truley gorgeous boxes! I wish i had enough space to collect things like those, but alas, my partner has filled our selves with all a manner of 'male' things, ugh sometimes it can all just get too dreadfully ugly!
I collect hatboxes instead, but they are all gathered ontop of my wardrobe, great shame as I'd like them to be on display, ho hum, hopefully a bigger place soon will be the answer.
Your post has made me want to go visit the local antique store, theres still some time before it closes so I think I'll have to!

wery good box thanks

Beautiful boxes, Andrea! I'm with you on yellow, I think it needs to be more 'in'. Has to be the right shade but it is so pretty for spring and Easter.
Happy organizing,

I wouldn't call your collection of beautiful things "useless". They do have a purpose. They make you smile when you look at them. They sure made me smile.
I do remember those flowery Valentine boxes, my dad would give one to my mom every year. I wish she would have saved them.
Thanks for sharing:)

Those are wonderful boxes Andrea. I have a collection of beautiful and useless things, including boxes and it really is difficult to throw them away! Thanks for sharing,

I to received the Champagne Truffles in a big gift basket for the holidays. Love the box, in fact I saved it too:) But the candy......yucky!! I love your collections. So much fun but where do you keep it all???

These are stunning Andrea. The heart from your mom is faulous and frou frou. love the yellow tin, just adore the pale pink and aqua with it too! And I agree with ya about the color, pale yellow is one of my very most favorite colors and has been for years! My master bath is a pale yellow and the morning sun illuminates the room. Wondreful waking up to such a cheerful color. Love all three collections! Keep 'em comming! xoxo

No way, I love vintge candy boxes too!! I have one that was my gradmother's from 1922 that's black tin with embossed flowers and gorgeous lettering on it. I use it to keep my favorite jewelry in. Now I have to take a picture and post it for you!
Also, thanks for posting the best pictures ever. So nice to look at when I am having a busy day at work and need to chill. :)

Love them Andrea! I am always on the lookout for tin chocolate boxes. I collect the ones with a hinged lid. I love all tins too. They are getting harder to find in my neck of the woods! Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend~

So at the start of this post I am thinking I really hope she has a Laduree box b/c she would love one! And there it sits, just as mine does, with the candies still in it b/c I couldn't bear to eat them all either! xo Shannon

That tin is so lovely! I many things that are beautiful and VERY useless...and I'm ok with that!

The boxes are lovely! That candy tin is just luscious though.

My son and I are BIG fans of the violet pastiglies! I love going back to our home in Napoli and buying these at the store. I just don't miss the little flies from the vineyard or the ones buzzing around prosciutto!
You would probably enjoy the boxes Torrone come in too.
How I love your pics♥

Love your lovely pics!!!
You must show us how you store all your goodies...I love to collect but have such a hard time keeping things neat and in order. Oh please share some photos of your collections and how you keep them out of your way.

Those are such fun boxes! I collect a lot of useless (but beautiful) things too!

Hi sweetie!! gorgeous collection!! They aren't useless at all if they make you happy!! :-) you take the prettiest pictures Andrea!! Your saving the chocolates because they are pretty is soo something I would have done too!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! hugs!! Britt :-)


These are beautiful boxes. Just like your blog and your wonderful online store which I just discovered. You have fantastic taste! I adore EVERYTHING. If you saw my shop, you would know why. By the way, I have a pretty useless collection of vintage gloves (that do not fit my giant hands) and beautiful hat pins. Some things simply can not be thrown out!!!

Pleasure to find your blog, I will be back!


Whilst in London, I went to Laduree at Harrod's, I thought I had died and landed in pastel confection heaven. Truly one of the best places on earth! I tried to convince the saleslady to sell me some of their confection gift boxes to no avail. However, I did step away with one treat in a box,(that's about all one can afford!) A treasure for sure. I love your collection, thank you for sharing...
xoxo, Tiffany

The boxes are beautiful! I have some Fauchon boxes myself. My boss received a HUGE box for Christmas one year and passed it on to me (thank goodness for her diet!) I have given gifts in some of the tins but still keep a sweet pink flat box to hold some small knitting needles. :)


What a beautiful collection of candy boxes. I love all the pretty pinks. I think most of us enjoy surrounding ourselves with useless and pretty things as they bring so much joy and beauty into a sometimes ugly world. I sure know that I do. Take care and have a great weekend.

Andrea... what a beautiful post. I love all of your boxes and your new ones fit right in. I am so glad you loved your tin full of goodies. I LOVE the yellow on that tin.

I didn't realize that Laduree was that expensive??? I have never been to one before.. but would love to see it someday. Their boxes SURE are beautiful!!

Have a great weekend! xo Heather

Love, love the boxes...especially the heart-shaped one! Your Momma knows you well:)

I'm swooning over those boxes. It's pretty cool how friends & family just "get you". Those are the best gifts.

You are too cute! I think beautiful things, even though not always physically useful, do serve in lifting spirits and just plain make ya feel good. I'm all for useless beautiful things.

Such a feast for the eyes!!!

And oooh I am just craaazy for Fauchon!!! The little pink purses of chocolates...and incredible macarons and madeleines!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!! Perfection!!!

Love to you!
xoox Jenny

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