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January 09, 2009


How you can make a stack of plain old t-shirts look fantastic is beyond me. Love the project. Book has been added to the Wish List for when I can shop again!!

Wow, I don't think I will ever look at an old t shirt the same way! Looks like an amazing read, I better go check it out! THanks for sharing with us too..
xoxo, Tiffany

These are the cutest! My little Devyn will love them and do I have a multitude of maternity shirts sitting in the garage. DH would fall over if I took one of his t-shirts (he is a hoarder)! Off to put on my wishlist.
Being a transplant from NY to the Deep South~~this was fun to find.
xo Kris

Your pom poms are so cute! LOVE them and your blog.

The Alabama Stitch Book is incredible, I'm glad you are enjoying it.


Those are so adorable. The possibilities are endless.

WOW! These flowers are amazing. Love them!


These are so pretty! And I love how you've arranged them - what a beautiful composition!

I never knew I could love old t-shirts so much! I think what you created is beautiful. Perfectly recycled pom poms.

Wow, those are gorgeous!!!

Hello Andrea,

Wow...amazing pom-pom t-shirt flowers! Oh soo pretty and oohlala! I can see other decorative additives to those sweetie's for sure...smile!
Keep Shining!
EJakesta~Pink Diamond Girl

Looooove your pom-poms. They came out beautiul. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

You always have such beautiful inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us :)

Those are just gorgeous, Andrea! Love that idea. And the colors you chose are lovely together. :)


What a lovely idea!! And I love how you put them on such cool twisty stems!

Well, aren't they just the most darling things! Who'd have thunk it! ;-) They made me smile!


Who would ever believe that these beautiful pom pom flowers were once a stack of old t-shirts destined for the dust rag pile! Amazing!

These are so sweet. I love your color combination, and even though the maternity shirts are long gone, I am looking for other shirts! I am partial to nice rags, but I would much rather have pom-pom flowers. This book is so on my wish list. Blessings for a creative day!

Those are too cute!

The poms are fabulous! Great colors too.

Such beauties Andrea! I'm going to have to try these, I got the book today! xoxo

Total Gorgeousness...oh my!!

I love these. The colors are so soft and sweet.
Thanks for sharing, Jennifer

I just wanted to let you know that I just tagged you with a blog award. You can pick it up at my blog site:
I hope you enjoy the sparkly butterfly!


That is such a cool idea! Helps if you have t-shirts in yummy colors to begin with! :) Thanks for sharing.

Wow, they're great. And a "green" craft to boot. Mimi

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