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January 28, 2009


Love these Andrea! My 21 year old daughter just had some long "swoopy" bangs cut last weekend, just so she could wear cute barrettes! As always...you are right in style! xo suzanne

Andrea, I have long admired your barrette collection. They are all just so you! In all my flea market forays here in the rocky mountains I never see ANY! :( I just had my hair blown out last night-so I AM having a good hair day! Haha. I remember the little pink bow from my childhood.

I was flooded with memories looking at all these wonderful barrettes! I recognize many of them from my childhood! I didn't have these two, but love the umbrella and the cowboy boot!

Thanks for sharing!


Those are just adorable! I am going to go dig out my old barettes now!

A good hair day for sure when you are wearing such beauties! Love 'em Andrea. Are these mostly from Ohio? When you are lucky enough to find them, they certainly don't sell them for pocket change in PA! I don't think bobbie pins and little barrettes will ever be "out". And if they are who cares? Wear what ya love

Your barettes are beatiful!! I could just sit and look at the pics for hours of inspiration. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for some pretties like you've collected!! Thanks as always for sharing!! Blessings and Hugs!

What a cool collection! I love hair accessories, too.

Hooray for big families!I have 45 first cousins on my mom's side (she had 13 brothers and sisters).

Memories! Pam

I have 3 girls so if you want to sell any of those you let me know!!!!!

Now I know why I haven't been seeing these at the flea market. You have them all! What a fabulous collection. Just the best eye candy ever. xo, suzy

Oh, I just love those pictures. So fun - makes me want to start a new collection. :-)

Thank you for the chance to remember my childhood a bit. I too love the umbrella. Do you only collect pink, cream and aqua? Now I will be on the lookout for them. I think they would work get in some of my scrapbook pages.

What a wonderful collection. My 21 year old daughter has taken to wearing hair clips she had as a little girl, so I'm pulling out all the old ones she put away and I couldn't bear to get rid of!

they are all wonderful! fabulous collection! you are just simply amazing..such wonderful pictures, visiting your blog is such a treat, i think you should have a cover charge... :)

OH my, I love your collection. How cute.

What little beauties! Thanks for sharing your collection. :)

How fun is that! Those are so cute.

Love the umbrella!

You have a fabulous collection. I remember some of those shapes from my childhood. I wonder if they'll ever make a comeback? Mimi

oh my goodness...some of those actually look way too familiar to me :) ahhh the bad-hair day memories...

Those are so cute!

Andrea, you never cease to amaze me in finding "Everyday Beauty" in ordinary living and pretty little simple things...

You continually warm my heart and those of your regular blog readers. Thank You!!

Andrea what a sensational collection - lucky girl

I recognize some of the barrettes. I have pictures of me wearing them. I was born in the 60's.

I also have a red butterly barrette, that my Chrissy doll wears. You probably know the doll I am talking about. She has red hair and you can make her her shorter or longer.
Great Post!

So cute Andrea!!
I bet they look so pretty in your hair.
My hair was always too thick for the small barettes.
37 first cousins is amazing!!
My dad's mom had 10 kids, I guess that's what big Italian families used to do.
Cousins by the dozens!
Have a great night,

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