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January 19, 2009


Andrea....as someone who is living the "power of now" each and every day, I say you are absolutely making the right decision. When having to make choices about what stays and what goes (and in your case "set aside for the moment")in life, you always have to look at what will be there in the future. One Hundred Wishes will always be there patiently awaiting your return. And, when you do, it will be better than ever with no regrets. Your success with your shop is not going anywhere. The boys on the otherhand.....they grow too fast and will never "wait" for us :) K

Hi Andrea,

Wow, I love this adorable pic of this lil girl with the curlz, roses and la phone! I am also happy and emotional over your thank-you's to all the ladies...to even ask them over for pie and tea...is so adorable and absolutely honest of you! Anyways, I am emotional about it all...I could visualize your relief & joy...smile!

P.S, I painted my room french real blue, it's so lovely when the morning sunlight comes dancing into my bedroom windows.
Keep Shining!

It may seem silly, Andrea, but I have come to feel as if you are an "old" friend of mine even though we've never met. So, it's good to know that you are content with your decision {it's a good one}...may you always have peace of mind!
And I'd love to have some coffe & pie;)

This shot is amazing! Great blog too!


I am a firm believer of trusting what your insides tell you.
While I will miss your shop, I am so glad I will continue to be able to visit you through your blog and various printed publications. You continue to be an inspiration to me to be artful and enjoy best things life has to offer. I have the current issue of Somerset Life which I have been carrying around with me daily to devour the delish pages between school pick up and a mountain of errands. Love your lost hearts article - seems the timing is perfect to do what is right in your heart. Coffee and pie is on me. :)

Much Love,

hey there sweets,
we all understand.
im so happy you will still be blogging, it just wouldn't be the same with out you!
we love you!!


i admire you for following your heart,and all your integrity...you are an inspiration, i wish you all the best in all you do andrea,and its obvious that you are true to yourself!!! take good care of your beautiful family! hugs, stacy

Oh my gosh! What a surprise! just sitting here, catching up on my favorite blogs...and... I read my name!!! Then it didn't even sink in, and I thought, that's how I spell my name...and then..well you get the excitement! I am so pumped, can't wait to receive my first blog gift ever! I am gleeming...

lucky Brandee!

Sounds like you have made the best decision for yourself and your family! I don't even have children and sometimes feel overburdened with all that my shop entails...so it is completely understandable! Enjoy your time with your boys and doing the things you love! Glad you will still be blogging...you are so inspirational!

There is only so many hours in a day, and we women want to be "super woman"..not real...something has to give,,,,you chose wisely to put family first. Blogging takes so much time, I wonder how I will be able to post everyday. Balancing acts are often dangerous. I really enjoyed reading your blog for the first time. I will see you again.
A Northwesterner in Alabama!

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