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January 22, 2009


What a wonderful idea. You just gotta love Roxie's lights. Your blog is just beautiful by the way!


Hi Andrea....being the copycat that I am...I have already ordered some of the incredible lights. Your creativeness amazes me!!! XXOO

What a wonderful Idea! The lights are so cute,I am off to check them out!

oh my goodness! lol. I was just thinking up a way to do this with sewing pattern paper this morning! I am not kidding! That cracks me up. I am sure mine won't be as cute as your turned out anyway! I hope you have a fantastic night!!! hugs!! Britt :-)

I already loved Roxie's Candylights, but now I love them with paper flowers even more! I am going to try this for sure and even add some apray glitter on the paper 'cause I've gotta have some bling! I'm adding your blog to the Inspirations section on my Cozy Cottage blog.

Debbie :)

very pretty. You should send a pic to Somerset for their Somerset life publication, art made with pattern paper is in one of the call for art requests.

I love all your flowers and agree that pattern tissue is the perfect shade of beige. I love shades of cream, beige, and brown.


These are so cool! What a clever idea!

Cathy :)

These are SO cute! Okay, I feel REALLY out of it. Where do you get the Candylights?

"He just looked at me. He's used to it."

I have a hubby just like this! lol

(LOVE them btw)

I have the same scissors. My tip is broken off too. Hmmm. Design flaw? Doesn't matter, I still love them.

I love using dress pattern tissue and this is truly a unique and creative use of it.

WOW!!!! That's all I can say!!!!

What an adorable and crafty idea. I can't wait to make these! Blessings...julie

These are lovely Andrea! Thanks for sharing. :)


Where there be any way possible to purchase some of these patterns from you directly?
I did send you a private email but just in case it didn't go through, I wanted to post here. Please let me know.


Lovely idea! Soooooooo cool!!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing this!

Andrea, this "old" seamstress says: go for it! It's beautiful! So feminine!


Oh these are so pretty! I would love to photo link to them in The Daily DIY if you didn't mind. I haven't been able to find any information on the Candy Lights website about the safety of the bulbs and the paper. Does the silicon prevent the light from getting too hot?

Gorgeous project! Love your blog & your shop, but I know you made the right decision to cut back. My oldest is in her first year of collage & sometimes I just wonder where all that time went!

I gave you an award on my blog! You deserve it!!!


Hi Andrea, Havent been by your blog in awhile and OH what I have missed. I think its wonderful that you have decided to spend more time with your family and also wonderful that you will be keeping the shop open...I wish you all the best.
Your sewing pattern candylights are absolutely delicious as are your new bookmarks. You are such a creative soul. Thanks for sharing with us!

oh you KNOW i love this!!! sooo pretty. xo

Bravo!!!!!!!! Take a bow you dazzling doll you!!!

Just brilliant!!!!!

Truly brilliant!!!

LOVE ya!!!
xoxo Jenny


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