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January 22, 2009


Andrea, I love your flowers...both those made from crepe paper and the ones from sewing patterns. I'm thinking I'd like a garland of them...maybe with tiny clear Crhistmas lights twined through raffia and the flower intermingled. Just right over my bathroom mirror...or maybe over a doorway. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Sue

Oh my gosh, I love it! This is a project that I have got to try. Isn't Roxie a doll?!

Oh. My. Goodness...My mom just e-mailed me the link to your blog with the subject-title; "you gotta see this!" You're my hero. That's all there is to say...I'm off to lurk around your blog archive now...I'm just not sure if I can handle all of this inspiration at once! I feel like my eyes are getting all beady while I'm taking it in...so much eye candy!

This is an absolutely marvelous idea! I've never seen the Candylights before, but I certainly see some in my future!

OMG Andrea, those have got to be the cutest, funnest lights I've ever seen. I love how you've used your strand of Candylights in such a creative way. Hopefully this will give others some great ideas as well. I bet the beige of the pattern looks way cool with the pretty pink glow of the Candylights.
Thanks for sharing this project with us...and especially thank you for being a wonderful friend and customer!

OMG you did it again. These lights are just too beautiful. Love the idea. I will be doing this project for sure.

hugs, Maria

That's so funny that you mentioned your husband just looking at you when you said you wanted to wear these as a necklace:)I know that look!! But what's funnier is I just posted earlier this evening and mentioned how my husband was going to come home from his work trip and just shake his head when he sees I already decorated for Valentine's Day!!! LOL literally. I love the project and the lights are adorable.

oh my gosh, you are just full of inspiring ideas. I am off to find some old patterns !!!! Thank you Clarice

Goodness these are wonderful! The picture of them srung frm your mirror is breathtaking! I may have a heart attack at the ripe old age of 25. And your birdcage...where on earth did you find such a beauty? Please don't say it's vintage. I need one! I made some Fiesta Flowers la noche pasada. They turned out good! One question, how did you get your rolls so small? Thanks for the constant flow of inspiration, ideas and bounty of beauty.

No, you are not boring. :-)

Nice lights, by the way.

Is it it OK to plug them and use them as lights. I couldn't tell from your photos if the lights were on. I would love to know.


Wouldn't these be fun at a wedding? Love them. Mimi

I tell you you sure are a creative one, how do you come up with these ideas? I love these using the old sewing patterns. And yes you are right they are everywhere, in fact I know of a couple Thrift Shops that use them to wrap up you goodies. I am going to have to copy this idea. I need something to give me a little lift. Our crazy economy hear in So. Calif is really depressed. Scary stuff.
Hugs, Diane

Those are wonderful. I got this link from Make Mine Pink. The one thing I did not pack from Christmas were my candy lights. I just could not give them up. I think this is the cutest idea. I wonder if they could stay on very long with out warming the paper too much. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm going back to look at the rest of your blog. Thanks for the post. Lilli

Andrea I've scrolled through your beautiful photos and have enjoyed all the lovely colors you use in your works of art. Your talent is remarkable. I'm at awe at how simple some things are yet so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Wow... They're stunning!!
(And beige's my fave colour too. *smiles*)


Andrea, I have to say that I am soooo inspired by your creativity. I love this idea for the patterns and wish I still had all those old patterns I discarded a number of years ago. I wonder what time the landfill opens.............

What a great idea! I love Roxie's Candylights. Do you know that the last issue of Sommerset Life is looking for ideas on how to repurpose sewing pattern tissue? You have to enter!

Wow what a great idea! I love Roxie's lights.

Let's see....beige/sepia toned paper all ruffled into a flower and wrapped around candy lights? That's just pure heaven to me! And so far from boring it's not even funny! Loved the project and will have to put it on the list of things to try. Thanks Andrea. XOXXOO

What a fabulous idea! I have the scallop scissors - got mine at Michaels. I believe they still have them.

i want to come over & have coffee and play...these are very pretty!

Those are the cutest! I got this link from Make Mine Pink. That is a very neat idea for Roxie's Candylights. I will have to try to make the crepe paper flowers. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon Melheim

What a wonderful idea. You just gotta love Roxie's lights. Your blog is just beautiful by the way!


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