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January 30, 2009


Congrats, on the Daily Candy post. I have had several of my little vendors get featured and it can be really good for business. I have been getting lots of daily candy for about 6 years now and you are, as we say "candy worthy".

How Wonderful!!! Maybe this is the Daily Candy you needed to make everything seem sweeter!!

That is so exciting! Their post looks so good too, definately "eye candy" Congratulations.

Oh Andrea, that is so cool! I'm so excited and happy for you...you & your creative talents really do need to be showcased:) Enjoy, enjoy!

That's awesome Andrea! Oh, if we only new the Plan then we could plan around it :)
Riding the wave myself...
Have a wonderful weekend

Congratulations! I'm SO glad to have found your store. It's darling!

Oh Andrea congratulations! You are going to sell out of the ribbons for sure now! Glad I picked one up last week. I'm going to use it in the nursery.

Congratulations Andrea on the Daily Candy piece. Just when you thought you had it all figured out the Universe throws you a little curve ball! Enjoy the wave! XOXXOO

Andrea! That is so wonderful- congrats! Maybe the universe does have a bigger plan for you and your lovely shop. One thing is for sure though- you definitely have all the creativity to back up whatever that plan may be! :) Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

I love it your ribbons are sure delight well deserved, you go girl!

I found you through today's Daily Candy and am in love with your oh-so-sweet ribbons!

Very cool Andrea! Looks like a very cool site - going over now to peruse...:)


Yay!!! Congratulations Andrea!!! I love Daily Candy...

congrats congrats congrats girlfriend...although we have known for a long time what wonderful eye candy your blog and store is!!

Your ribbons are lovely, no wonder they are so popular!

Congrats, Andrea! Your work and shop are Fab-U-lous!~~~XXOO, Beth

i love it!!
you go girl....

Congrats Andrea,Maybe let it all grow! Maybe hire someone part time! Seems like it is in the cards!

Congrats, my dear! Your eye candy definitely deserves attention from Daily Candy! :-)

I have now added Daily Candy to my favorites. So cute. Lookie, you got exposure from them, but the way I see it you gave exposure to them. Happy day.

p.s. your ribbons really are notable & I am off to get the mascara they recommend.

Daily Candy is pretty cool! Thanks for mentioning them, I have signed up for my local edition. Lovely that they featured you! Sometimes just stating publicly what is important allows you to put important things first (like 2 wonderful kids) and still do other things you love. Lots of support.

WOO-HOO! Way to go Andrea! I love those ribbons. My sister gave me the 'You are a Prize' ribbon for Christmas. Love it.
Sorry girl, you'll just have to hire some help instead of downsizing! We all just love you too much.

Congrats andrea! You are sweet as candy, and you deserve it for all your hard work! A great site to be on!
Have a great day!
xoxo, Tiffany

Wow, congrats! By the way, love your previous posts, very creative. And, I just adore the barrett collection!

How fun and funny (their description). Congrats!

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