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January 14, 2009


you should sell these bc i don't have pretty bobbles to add to mine plus there's the minor detail that i'm too lazy to make my own lol

Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautiful way to mark a page. I need to make some of those!
Enjoy your week,

So cute. And thanks for the link for the clamps. I swear I have found more stuff because of you! Like the foil wrap, love it:)

I love them. They are so adorable. Truly Andrea they would be a wonderful addition to your store! :) Thanks for sharing.

As usual, completely brilliant and beautiful!

I'm jumping up & down screaming for joy :) These are adorable! Thank you again for inspiring me

You should have those available in your store! They are fabulous, and I know mine would not turn out like yours and that would always bother me. Designing is definately your calling. I love the vision of you with a glue gun holster. That's a good one!

How gorgeous and feminine. I love 'em!

Stunning. And so simple too! If you ever find a holster for a glue gun let me know too!

These are fantastic! The would make perfect party favors! Especially for a shower! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!!

Those are beautiful Andrea!

These are so pretty. I'm heading up to rummage through my jewelry box right now.

So pretty! I use random receipts and things too in my books :)

I love your blog - your photography skills rock.

you bookmarks turned out so much better then mine. I made some similar to these last year but didn't use the pretty velvet ribbon and for my paper clips I used some soldered stones - I love that we all have our own variation to an idea.

Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea! I went ahead and bought some clamps on ebay :)

Very sweet, I think I'll try it. I do already have all of the supplies. It will make such a great gift for the ladies at book club.
thanks again
Cari B

Those came out lovely.

Beautiful idea! And beautiful "baubles"!!
Thanks for sharing with us!

Thanks for sharing this fun, easy, and useful projects! Super love it, and your generous spirit! Keep up the good work.

What fabulous ideas - I just love your beautiful photos!


I love these! I think I even have all the supplies so I can make a few right now. I love an instant gratification-type craft! LOL

What a great little gift these would make. Thanks so much for sharing!

Do you even know what a bookmark JUNKIE I am? I am in love with these... I may have to bribe you into making me one! OhhhH! Wouldn't these make cute wedding favors - if you got some sort of love charm or custom custom charm for one end ... hmmmmm

And as for fabric softners... I read somewhere once that they keep spiders and bugs away... and as we know I am more scared of bugs, spiders (and crickets) than the above average scardey cat... so I have fabric softners in all sorts of places! And if this is not true, about keeping bugs and spiders away - NO ONE SAY ANYTHING. Let me go on living in my safe little fabric softener lined bubble.

Wow. that comment I just left really makes me sound crazy.

I love them!!! What a great idea, thanks so much for showing us!

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