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December 08, 2008


It's nice to just slowly click over to see the new treasures knowing that I already have one of your special creations and don't have to worry they are sold out! I wore mine in Williamsburg Sat. to a girlfriends luncheon and everyone loved it! Thank you once again for that special gift!
See you Monday!

I sure hope you do make more- I missed out!! these were all SOOO beautiful

OMG, I have been waiting since you first opened shop to purchase one of your bracelets.. I couldnt even believe that the only one left was just waiting for me. It even had a K for (kathy) so Im am beyond thrilled.. Thank you so much I LOVE IT... Kathy H.

all so gorgeous! I am going to assume they sold faster than it took you to list them!! :)

Oh my goodness! One has to be quick as a bunny to get one of these beauties. You did a wonderful job. They're gorgeous. Received my package from you today. Thank you so much, Andrea! I love it all. xo kimla

Geez!! That was quick. They are adorable Andrea. Especially the one with the crown:)

gorgeous...I too am so glad I was able to scoop one of these up ages ago! I am also itching for a flea visit!!

Since I didn't get to come over to your house and play, can I come along to the flea market?? I promise I would behave myself there, too. I could carry your purchases, make runs to the snack stand, & just make myself useful in general. Is it a deal??
Excellent bracelets, by the way!

Your jewelry is beautiful! I've always wanted to try making some- hmm... maybe I'll get to that in 20 years, lol.

Just wondering if you've recieved an e-mail from me?
Happy Holidays!

Note to self: Andrea's vintage trinkets bracelets SELL OUT FAST! They WERE cute!!! SMiles. Heidi

I've never seen such a beautiful wreath! Congratulations!
I have an old haberdashery shop in Portugal with millions of trinkets and old buttons and lace from 1890-1920. If you want to get some items from me, let me know! I can send you some pictures and put them in the on line shop I'm just starting with.
In the mean time visit my blog: retrosariafantasia.blogspot.com
All the best for 2009 with lots of new creations!
Margarida Alberty from Portugal

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