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December 02, 2008


Beyond beautiful as usual!! I just adore the Shiny Brite boxes too! And the Chenille pipe cleaner candy canes are simply adorable.

Mmmm. I love your pastel Christmas colors! I always enjoy stopping by to see your latest eye candy!

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Jenni B

Andrea, I have some of those very same baubles! What memories!


Those ornaments are beyond gorgeous.....Your home must be spectacular for the holidays...

Just so you know, I found your blog THIS TIME last year and found your Christmas decorating and everything else simply gorgeous. I followed your blog religiously for months! My sisters would ask "how's the Italian girl you're stalking?" because I would know all about little San & Mario! Don't worry, I'm not weird, just inspired. You really inspired me to share my life and art in my blog. Thanks for that. I'm sure you could decorate only in dirt brown and somehow it would be a beautiful Christmas!!! But, I too, love the vintage colors.
Happy Holidays,

Talk about Vintaage Eye Candy!
More pictures please! I love the way the colors you chose are so elegant and lush and make for a Warm and cozy Christmas Home. Twinkely and soft!

I love the color combo...and those vintage ornaments are the best!

So pretty andrea! I decorated with silver, cream and gold in my living room, then decided I needed some soft blue as well! Then I was wishing I had my pinks out too, so I put up a tree in the craft room with all my pastels! Then my daughter wanted a quote "not perfect tree", you know, one with all the family/ kid decorations, that made tree number three. We had a second fresh cut tree, that I originally got for the living room, then I decided I wanted my white one in there, so it now has a home on the front porch with a nature theme! Holy cow, that's a lot of trees! My long,long point is, maybe you should have more than one tree to satisfy all your christmas urges!! LOL!
have a great day!
xoxo, Tiffany

That sounds like my plan to have an all white room. I simply can't do it!

Well it was a good thought but I do know what you mean! I'm with you on the ornament boxes being decor. They are so kitchy and fun!

I love pastel Christmas! SOooo pretty! Glad you are keeping them out. ;)

I lurve all the pastel, Shiny Brite goodness!

Oh my, I love all your vintage Christmas decorations. You're right, you gotta have all the color...especially THOSE colors!


Oh Andrea, your vintage ornament collection is so amazingly beautiful. You are going to have so much fun decorating your home with these pretties. Cammy

Thanks for sharing Andrea! I too did my living room Christmas tree in pastels...and a tiny touch of bluebird blue shiny brights that I got for $1(a box!)at garage sale this summer. It looks so...HOPEFUL and pretty!

yes the muted winter wonderland idea is always a good one...until I pull out all my colorful vintage finds like yours. I cannot keep the color out of my Christmas!

What a beautiful collection of vintage ornaments! I truly love it!

Nothing better than a time worn Christmas.....
Just imagine all the others who cherished these ornaments....
XX Deb

Ok I'm going to have to pop over to your house and check out your color scene. You are the only person I know that can pull off pink walls with a "hunky" husband!!!

Well, they really ARE gorgeous ornaments! I think you should do at least one tree in the colors you originally wanted :) Those are my favorite colors... sigh.

I would love to start a vintage ornament collection but they are so pricey! May be one day!! Yours are gorgeous!

This is my favorite color scheme also. I recently visited the Rosebowl swap meet and was on the hunt for all of the vintage pink ornaments I could find for a wreath I wanted to make. I saw a lady with a huge bag of pink ornaments that she had just purchased. Unfortunately she bought all the vendor had. She did say that if I took vintage red ornaments and put them in the sun that they would turn pink. Just thought I'd let anyone know who might have some old red ones laying around that wished they were pink.

Those are just lovely! I adore Christmas and do small trees with my "themes" and then my big tree is the "stuff" from everywhere. Maybe you could do a small tree with the cream, gold and silver. But, you're right, those are too beautiful to be hidden away.

Oh, boy - what a treasure trove of loveliness! Definitely much too pretty to keep hidden in their boxes!

everything looks wonderful Andrea.

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