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December 09, 2008


That is SO. Totally. Beautiful!
Yay for putting your stash to use :)

That wreath is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Happy day you talented girl!

just beautiful Andrea! Love the colors....

What a gorgeous wreath! Love the colors.

Wowsers! Now THAT'S a wreath! :)


I would leave a comment, but I can't. I'm completely speechless. What a talent, you are.

Andrea, I love challenging myself like that - using only what I have on hand. It's amazing how we can begin to look at our stash with new eyes when we have to. I learned that in art school life drawing class. I bought 5 colors of colored pencils and that was it. I still have those drawings and I think the limited palette makes them better than if I had fussed with perfection.
Your wreath is beautiful. This is a great way to display something we might not otherwise have room for. I've done this with organics I've picked up in the woods and on the beach - glued to a vine wreath and hung on our porch - I call it our memory wreath from our walks....

how fun! Isn't it amazing what you can find in your own stash of goodies. That is so your style--you need to sell the kits to make! {thank goodness for vacuums too!}

Oh gergeous, really really sooooooooooooooooooo lovely, can I have it please please ;-))
Wish lot of fun with it, I already have with seeing this on your blog, thanks fo sharing !!


That, I think, is the prettiest wreath I've ever seen! Excellent work.

Such sweet, chirpy, Christmas bliss!

Your wreath is so stunning. Thanks for sharing.

how wonderful and beautiful!! and gorgeous!! well done!!!

This is seriously gorgeous Andrea! i've made these on cane wreaths, but they don't look half as nice as how you have put the two bushy gorgeous wreaths together as the base. And those baubles, WOW! Fab job girl! xo


This wreath is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing! ~Joann

This is GORGEOUS, Andrea!!! Just beautiful!!!

Wow! That was WELL worth the effort! It looks like you spent hundreds of dollars for this beauty! Awesome job!

Beautiful!! There's someone at my local antiques shop that makes these and charges incredible prices for them! I love little tiny wreath of pink posies around the dove's neck, and the nesting-one-wreath-inside-another teechnique is wonderful. I have to remember that one ~

Darling..............what can I say and I love your bracelet from Rebecca's class!!!

Gee...I wish I had a stash like yours! That's the loveliest wreath I've ever seen:)

Your wreath turned out beautiful! I really enjoy your blog! Merry Christmas!

Just came across your wreath on Pinterest, Just Beautiful!!!! You just inspired me to try one with the ornaments I have hanging around. I have a question about hanging it on the front door, Does the freezing cold crack or break the ornaments? We live in the Northeast and it can get mighty cold here.

great man :D

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