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December 09, 2008


That is very pretty! I have been also wanting to make one and I did a few weeks ago! Turned out so pretty, now we need to think of a good way to store them so they don't get broke till next year!

Andrea, this is sooo beautiful. I love ornament wreaths and I have actually been working on one the last couple days. Last night, I put the finishing touches on mine and hung it above the kitchen window! Yours is just stunning, spectacular, gorgeous, I could go on and on!! I love the idea of 2 wreaths. Are they vintage? This is my favorite creation of yours thus far!

Wow! Really amazing! You had some great stuff laying around!

WOW, so so pretty. Makes me want to make one of my own. Thank you for sharing.

What a gorgeous wreath! I love how you have used recycled things, it is sooo pretty! What a beautiful job!

Have a wonderful day!

Gorgeous! I'm super impressed that you had that much vintagey goodness on hand.


Your wreath turned out beautifully....not unlike your unfinished bag from class. Even your half-finished things look just wonderful.

What a fabulous idea! I love it -- and vintage ornaments make me so, so happy :)

Fabulous!! I love the whole thing-as usual, of course;)

That is gorgeous! If I can ever find any vintage ornaments, I will have to make one!

That wreath is beyond perfection. I'm so drawn to those colors this season!

this is stunning!
off to see what I have in my stash...

That wreath is amazing. It is such a nice feelng when you finally get around to one of those projects that has been on your list forever! That wreath would look perfect in my house too!

**gasp**..can't talk...can't breathe..***more gasping***
OH. MY.GOOD. GRACIOUS. This is THE most gorgeous wreath!!!!!!!! I
LOVE the colors! One more amazing work of art, Andrea!

What a lovely wreath! Love the vintage goodness.
The bracelets sure went fast ~ I didn't stand a chance :) I am hoping for one out of your next creations.

Andrea, this is super cute. I have been hoarding old ornaments to make one myself but still need to locate a wreath form to put them on. his suddenly reminds me that is why I wanted to hit the thrift store today!! We drove by it 4x and I just remember now. LOL
Well done!!

This is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

Oh, I think that's the most beautiful Christmas wreath I've ever, ever seen!

We got our seam binding and candy in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to tuck those lollies into the kid's stockings. Thanks for the extra!

what a beautiful wreath!! i have been collcting vintage ornaments forsome time now. i may have to take a few to make a wreath of my own. thanks for sharing yours!

love it!!! I made a few this year,but they weren't as pretty as this one! great job, I bet it looks beautiful in your house!
xoxo, Tiffany

Your wreath is absolutely stunning! And...imagine from all that recycled stuff! It's just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

It's so beautiful, you will treasure it forever. Every year when you start your decorating and you pull out this wreath you will just sign, ahhhhh, I love this! Great job! xo, suzy

Your wreath looks wonderful! What a great job.

Andrea! This wreath is breathtaking! SO gorgeous! You did SUCH a great job...I love it!

Excellent job! I love how you pulled everything together, to make such a beautiful wreath!


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