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December 13, 2008


Your bracelet is beautiful Andrea! I love your choice of colors and embellishments. I didn't get to take this class, but now I am wishing I had! Enjoy your weekend!

What a great composition, you will certainly enjoy wearing this! Beautiful! xo, suzy

absolutely gorgeous cuff bracelet, absolutely gorgeous

Sweet sweet bracelet! I also took Rebecca's class and COMPLETELY feel in love with this type of work. What a gorgeous way to use up scraps of lace and fabric and bits and baubles!!!

Happy holidays!

Your stitches are just perfect for your bracelet- its a beauty!

This is so cute! And your stitches are perfect!!!

Caroline and I ooooed and ahhhhed when we saw this post! The bracelet is beautiful and it really reflects Rebecca Sower's lovely, unique style. Glad you enjoyed making it.

Love that, just gorgeous! Rachaelxo

The bracelet is so beautiful!!! How inspiring. I want to go through all my little treasures today and see what I can come up with. Thanks so much for sharing.

So charming! I've wanted to try this for awhile, but didn't have the confidence in my stitching. I've picked up some ideas after seeing your adorable cuff and I think I'm ready to get started. Time to use up those pretty vintage earrings and buttons I've been collecting!

Your bracelet is stunning! I didn't take that class, but I may jut have to try making one!

It's so pretty! And the nice thing about small projects like this is that you can relax on the couch with a tray table and play. Maybe with a nice glass of wine on the side... :-)


Andrea, that turned out beautiful. I'm so glad you shared. This is exactly what I've been looking for to make for myself. I love one of a kind jewelry and adding vintage goodness makes it even more special. May I ask is the front and back held together only by the stitches?

Wow! Thats right up my alley. I love it!

I love how it turned out Andrea! I'm so glad you actually finished it, I figured if i didn't finish in class, my projects would remain unfinished :)

Wow, what a beautiful bracelet! I wanna make one, too! :-) Thanks for the inspiration! ~Joann

Oh Andrea, your fabric bracelet is just stunning. I SO wish I could have taken this class. Since taking Rebecca's other class at SB, I too have been much for interested in stitching. Is there a particular embroidery book you purchased that you would recommend?

I love it too! and I loved the class too! and didn't even know I would love the fabric work SOO much and wasn't Rebecca adorable! Look forward to your next project.

oh, I am so glad you finished this so you could share it with us all, it is so pretty!
Have a wonderful evening!
xoxo, Tiffany

VERY LOVELY!!!! I adore your choice of colors and the vintage embellishments.. Thank you so much for sharing... Take Care.

This is a lovely piece. You did a beautiful work!


Lovely! (I hope to finish mine someday!)
Hugs, Heidi

Wowee! that is some fine work, you really have an eye for details, just love your pretty bracelet! God bless & Merry Christmas, Laura

I'm just lovin' that cuff bracelet...so pretty!

i love your bracelet,its gorgeous!

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