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November 06, 2008


Looks like you have been cooking up some yummy treats. See you at SB in a week!!! Can't believe it is almost here!!

Wow! You got lots done. I'm very intrigued by the sneak peeks.

Okay, you're killing me here! I just gotta see what goodies you have for us. The sneak peeks are lovely. I want to know the very instant that you list the jewelry. I always look, fall in love and then see that it is sold:( Happy creating!

Good for you! It's so easy to get off track when you shut down just to reorganize. I love that you are so disciplined and you find time to bake!

I'm jealous of anyone attending SB; I have a show opening that week :(
Bummer :(


That cake looks delicious! You deserve it after all the hard work you have been doing! Good luck with everything you wish to get done!

Have a wonderful day!

Andrea...you have been busy! Everything looks wonderful! I can hardly wait to see the new pieces in the shop. Your shop is always filled with beautiful items...makes it hard to decide...I want them all!!

Have fun creating!
Hugs, Nancy

I used to make that Texas sheet cake all the time many years ago. It's the best! My recipe called for adding walnuts into the icing.

You accomplish so much - how do you do it? My little guy is really good at being two right now, so I feel like I'm in a crafting recession. :) Life is good, no matter how you slice it - and, wow the cake looks great! I'll have to try it.:) You are invited to check my blog this month for a couple of super recipies and a give-away...fun!

I can't wait to see all your new shop items. Time to make my Christmas order. I also must try that cake. Looks scrumptious. You're the best!

I wish I could do things as well as you! I usually end up playing cars and trucks all afternoon or army man or whatever and save the crafting til bedtime, but by then I am so pooped I need to go to bed!! hehehe

I close my shop this weekend. and it won't reopen till late winter. I am SO looking forward to some real down time.
Thank you andrea for your lovely post.

Beautiful creations and well deserved break, so now you get to play a bit how fun!
Hugs, Diane

Can't wait for the shop to open back up! I need to start working on Christmas!! :)

I will say that I have missed your shop not open, but am glad you have some breathing space! Everything looks gorgeous Andrea. I also love the pillows below. Thanks for the tip.

I'm so glad you're spending some time doing things for you:) That being said...I do miss the shop being open. It's going to be hard waiting for more than a "sneak peek"!

My two weaknesses books and crowns. Oh I can not wait until you reopen. I am so excited! Silver bella looks like so much fun:) Enjoy.

Andrea, I'm so happy you've had some time to catch up on some things! that is the best feeling! And I'm glad you like the Texas Sheet Cake...I must say I eat most of it myself too!! So yummy...you're photo is making me want to make some right now!
Can't wait to see you in Omaha next week!!! xox natalea

Tantalizing sneak peeks! I love your store and your photos of everything, both here and on flickr.
You get so much done with 2 little boys~it's amazing!
Great post,Andrea~

Andrea this is heaven in little snippets, i love the look of the books- and the fabrics are divine.. i have one question though - exactly what quantity of butter is in a US "stick" of butter? Im not familiar with that concept and id like to make the sheet cake !Andrea (Australia)

STUNNING!! You have inspired me.

All of your beautifully crafted items just make my heart flutter. Love the jewelry!

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