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November 23, 2008


How fun! Now I am going to go back through and check out everyone's blog that you posted links too! I might be here a while!!

what fun you guys looked like you had!!! your booth was sooooo beautiful what eye candy!!! happy thanksgiving!!! stacy

Wow! Looks and sounds like everyone had an absolutely fabulous time! I so wish, someday, I'll be able to attend. Maybe we could talk Teresa into a Silver Bella type event for us East Coast gals. Or, Andrea, maybe you could coordinate your own similar event. I'd book right away! I'm within driving distance of you, and would do it in a heartbeat. Hey . . . a girl can dream! ;o)

Thanks so much for sharing, and giving such great inspiration. Happy Turkey Day to you and all your readers!

hey hey prom queen,
what a fantastic week we had!!
im so glad we got to meet each orthere,
you are such a doll.
i hope you come again next year.
im sure i will see ya sooner than that!!

love ya

WOW! Thanks for all the pics. You all truly look like you had a wonderful, wonderful time!

Magical...Silver Bella certainly does sound like a magical time! So glad you had such wonderful fun:) Thanks for sharing all the photos & memories!

you are the Belle of the Ball.

Andrea you look gorgeous in that dress and your display is heavenly! Wish I could have been there.

Hi Andrea! Hope you are catching up on rest, it has been a whirlwind since I got home from silverbella! I had such a great time with you, thanks for making my trip so special!
xoxo, Tiffany

Love all your photos!!!!! I get to re-live Silver Bella for a few moments as I look at them! Your table WAS gorgeous!!!! I loved shopping there!!!! It was fun being at your table in Teresa's class!(Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" that photo!)
Hugs and Smiles!!! Heidi

What a lovely time you had. I love all the wonderful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them and the stories! :) Take Care....

Everyonce in a while I catch myself with a goofy smile on my face from thinking about how much fun it all was!

Hi Andrea,
Looks like everyone had a ball!!
Congrats on being Prom Queen!!
Well deserved!
Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving,

enjoyed your pictures & posts... what a special time all you ladies had together..I would love to go next year.

Such beautiful photos of everyone Andrea! Love the post! xo natalea

enjoyed your pictures...looks like a great time was had by all. congrats on being prom queen! thanks for sharing!

Andrea, thank you for sharing the pictures of Silver Bella. And congratulations on being named Prom Queen! How I remember those tulle gowns! I had a blue one! Giving away my age..... ;-)

I'd love to have heard Mary Engelbreit. What a treat you had.

I'll bet you have come away totally inspired by everything and everyone!


Congratulations "prom queen"! Great pictures. Hugs Grace

i have never heard of silver bella but wow -- looks AMAZING!!!

Wonderful post Miss Andrea! Everytime I see photos of all you girls it makes me miss you all over again! hee! hee! Your vendor table was decoreated sooo beautifully, YOU were the PERFECT PROM Queen, and I LOOOOOVED your Christmas Pagent book! Hands down my FAV!!! Dont feel bad sweetie. Out of 5 classes I only finished 2 projects. Im just like YOU! I think to much and work very slow. Everything has to be "just so". LOL!!!
Hugs & Kisses! XO, Jenn

So glad you had a great time. Your vendor night table looked beautiful! On a separate note, did you know that Rachel Ashwell has a blog? Just found it this morning rachelashwellshabbychic.blogspot.com
Happy Thanksgiving!

No wonder you were named prom queen, your dress is adorable! So glad you had an awesome time.

Your table is so beautiful and as a bride-to-be ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from www.idonowidont.com I've been totally inspired by all the designs in the photos for our wedding invitations!

I wish I could have attended, everyone looks lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

STILL trying to get back to "normal" too! Wonderful to meet you in person ~ you are such an inspiration and so giving. Looking forward to more adventures in the future!!

Hugs, Kim

Hey Girl! I had SO much fun meeting you and being your roomie. ;) I LOVEed your vendor table and you looked just PERFECT in pink! YOu are such a sweet friend Andrea, so glad we got to go this year and have such good times. I am still laughing here and there throughout my day at some of the silly things we endured. haha

xoxo Heather

I enjoyed seeing these pictures and reading about your experience! I subscribe to ME's magazine, Home Companion. How very cool she was a speaker! And I love, love, LOVE your table! Now that's the sort of table I would be drawn to. Totally appealing to the eyes. Congrats on being "Prom Queeen"!! You look fantastic! :-)

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