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November 10, 2008


What a brilliant idea and one that I may borrow for the SF Gift Show in Feb. I've been racking my brain around a table skirt and didn't know what I was going to do! Thanks so much for sharing. You did an amazing job!

I LOVE it! Absolutely gorgeous! Now I want to make one or two or three, lol, they'll be all over the house!

It's gorgeous!!! Don't you just LOVE those light bulb moments? And does it ever look beautiful on your dining room table...not to mention what a great fort it will make for the boys when they discover it! giggle :)

This is so gorgeous. I would love this as a bed skirt! It looks so soft. Love it as a table skirt too. Wonderful idea.

That is simply amazing!! Way to go for figuring that one out. You are truly talented. Those ruffles will surely stand out!

Pure GENIUS! What a fantatic idea. The Blissful has such a beautiful website. Wishing you happy and safe travels.

I love it! Andrea, it's really pretty! Just as some earlier posts mentioned, now I too, want to make one. I've seen that shower curtain at our local Anthropologie store, and I swoon over it every time I go in. Again, have fun without me at SB! Can't wait for the pictures/posts about it.


Love it Andrea. Looks just like something that would go with your store merchandise. Don't you just love those light bulb moments that turn out just like you want them to?!
By the way is your sewing machine a Janome? The presser foot area looks just like mine!


Just such a great idea and so gorgeous too! Great that you can use it at home :)

You are so resourceful...and the tablecloth is just beautiful! Have a great time at Silver Bella:)

What an amazing idea! I LOVE it! I just can't get over how amazing that looks, hmm that would make a pretty cute skirt too. I can see myself now, "check out my new skirt honey, it's a shower curtain" lol yep sounds like me ;)

Oh how pretty, and Caroline noticed how nicely it drapes. I wish I had known about this beautiful idea last year when I was looking for floor length table cloths for my parent's anniversary party. With 5 daughters I think I'll still get the chance to try it out! Have a great time at SB!

Love it! I might have to borrow that idea for the next time I sell at an antiques show. Don't worry - I'll give you full credit if any customers ask how I came up with the idea!

That is just fantastic! I love this so much! Maybe I'll try it for my office desk, it could cover a multitude of mess under my desk! Suzie

I love the way it cascades down and goes with the vintage prom theme perfectly. Although, I just looked at the price for that shower curtain and could NEVER pay that much for a shower curtain, let alone something I'd be cutting apart and repurposing. {and yours took TWO!?} I'd find the fabric and start from scratch.

Absolute perfection! I plan on making this beautiful ruffled table one of my first stops next Friday evening! I so look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella.

BTW, thanks for the train case love--I would just love it if we were on the same flight!

What a clever idea! Your table at SB will be fantastic. SB is one of my lifetime "100 wishes". I am afraid I'll run out of years before I run out of wishes. Have a wonderful time at SB; take pictures so that we may live vicariously thru your blog. maryk

Gosh I just don't get around to your blog and others as I used to...but when I do it is truly eye candy! This is stunning and what an innovative use of the shower curtain! I want one for myself now.

Have a lovely time at Silver Bella! You will be the show stopper for sure with your vendor table!


If I knew how to sew I would totally do this!!Maybe I can con my mom into it.....hehehe. I love it!! Even the tea dye is great!

oh goodness, can you be anymore creative??
It looks lovely!
have a great week.

You are such a clever Artist! And your table is going to be over the Top! How much better can things get then a Vendor Table dripping with aged to perfection ruffles! LOVE IT!!
Great Luck To You and Have Fun!
Hugs, Diane

Love, Love, Love it Andrea, Isn't it fun when things like this come together.. Beautiful Job too.. Have fun.. Jamie

Aren't you clever! Looks great, xo, suzy

That's so sweet and cute! Lovely idea anyway!

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