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November 13, 2008


Oh Andrea, what absolute beauties you've created here. Have a wonderful time. Ciao Bella!

The corsages are lovely...you & Holly will look so pretty at the prom! Have a fabulous time at Silver Bella:) Ciao!

Have a wonderful time!!... Can't wait to peek at your blog to see all the wonderful pictures when you get back.

The stitching onto the bracelet cuff is such a brilliant idea! Gorgeous! Enjoy your Bella adventure!

Have a wonderful time, I can't wait to see the pictures .

Have fun!! Your tablecloth is gorgeous! I love it.

Have a Wonderful and Time!
Relax and soak it all in!

Ohhh, you need to sell those!! Have so much fun at Silver Bella!

I would like to know what kind of camera to buy that you don't HAVE to use a flash. Even when the sun is shining brightly I don't get very good pictures w/out the flash. Course my camera isn't so new anymore!
Have fun and God Bless,

Wohoo have a wonderful time as I am sure you will cant wait to see all the beautiful photos!

Have a wonderful time...and bring us back some yummy photos!
Love the sweet wrist corsages.
My mom had one of those pearl bracelets.
Aah..the memories! Wish I had all her tchotchke from long ago.

Your gone now, and hope your having soooo much fun. I'm so excited and will anticipate seeing all the wonderful pictures when you get back.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy you deserve it.
I can't imagine the giggling that will be going on tonight.

Beautiful corsage! I'm soo jealous! I want one too!
Have a great trip!
-Ruth Ann

the corsage is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful time and can't wait to hear all about it!

The bags, the flowers....
All so beautiful!

Wanted to thank you again for your gift in the goody bag....ever since Teresa featured that glue on her blog I wanted to get my hands on some. That was very generous of you. What a fun weekend. Can't wait to see what's in your shop. I think I need those paper keys---I regret I didn't buy those.

Andrea, this corsage was possibly the most beautiful gift I have ever recieved. You put such thought and detail into it and used only the most beautiful things. I love that your initials are on the back. It's a treasured gift and I love it. Thank you so much, dear friend. Friends were the best part of Silver Bella!

Can't wait to see the pictures from your weekend! Hope everything went well!

how adorable!! love the corsages!! love the bags of goodies too!! Hope you had fun at SB! I hope you have a fantastic night!! Big hugs!!
xo Britt :-)

hope you had great time! love the bags...can't wait to see all of your pictures!

Andrea, I'm so happy to have finally met you in person! you are just so sweet and a true beauty!! xox natalea

it was wonderful to meet you also! you are a doll...loved your table at vendor night. you did an amazing job on the tablecloth! it was just perfect!


hi andrea!

so wonderful to finally meet you at SB! what an amazing time it was, and sadly over in a whirl! hope next time we get to spend more time together!

take care, you know i'll be shopping!
xo heidi

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