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October 13, 2008


Awww Mario is so beautiful and cute and he looks so happy! :)
Happy belated b-day wishes to your lovely boy!
Looks like a fabulous party!
Carola xox

How sweet. He looked like he had a great time. You are so right about them growing up so fast. My son and daughter in law just told me I am going to be a grandma.

Oh my gosh... how cute is Mario? The little girls at school probably just swoon over him! A very Happy Birthday to Mario. Cute party for a cute little boy!

Oh my gosh... how cute is Mario? The little girls at school probably just swoon over him! A very Happy Birthday to Mario. Cute party for a cute little boy!

You have beautiful children!
The painted pumpkins are darling; they must have had so much fun at this party.


The first thing I thought after watching all the pics was:
"Who's in charge of cleaning the grass after the party?"
Lol... Just kidding, the party looks so fun and the kids had a blast there, didn't them?
Great party!

sweet, sweet boy!
looks like a fun party!

Oh how I miss the days of Sir Tophamm Hat and those troublesome trucks. Thomas was my oldest son's favorite. We had the train whistle and the conductor's hat, the whole nine yards. Now he is 18, a senior in high school, drives and has a weekend job. Where does the time go?? Happy Birthday Mario:)

boy is he a cuuuuutie pie.

How fun! Great pictures too, I love the balloons at the end. :)

Happy Birthday Mario! It was my daughter's b-day too! (17!) I love his Thomas prize ribbon on his chest!

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was fun. My daughter's First Birthday was Friday but celebrated Saturday. Pics are on my blog.

Andrea~ Happy Birthday to Mario. He looks like he had a blast. My son Grif turns 5 on Tuesday~

My eyes welled up with tears for shared joy and that my boy used to love Thomas and Woody too.

I am celebrating my 100th post by giving away a dressing table. Come take a peek.

What a fun birthday for Mario. He always looks so happy, and very sweet!!
How time moves so very fast.
Looked like a wonderful day!!

What a sweet, happy boy Mario is! My son loved Thomas as well. It makes me a little sad that those days are over for him, but I do enjoy the young man he is turning out to be. I'm glad you are taking lots of pictures. One day you won't believe it's the same boy!


Four is such a great age! Mine is 4 and Thomas the Train made an apperance there too! What is it about Thomas??

Andrea~that's a perfect party for a 4 year old boy! Simple and Oh so meaningful for all of you.The "rocks" on the side of the track,pumpkin painting,the pinata and watching the balloons disappear in the sky...those are happy "cosy" memories and visions that Mario will always treasure.
He is a beautiful little boy~
Happy Happy Motherhood,Andrea!

Your son is a handsome little guy! Glad
he had a fun birthday party.

The rainbow couldn't have come at a better
time. Amazing!


Awwwww looks like the perfect birthday, precious pictures!

Oh he is truly adorable... psst - Woody is my favorite too!

Hi - I am back... Can I tell you just how much I LOVE your title picture.... "Everyday Beauty" It absolutely warms my soul & brings a smile to my face without question... Every single time I see it - it's like the very 1st time...

umm-hmm... Just thought you should know. LOL

What a wonderful day it must have been. A happy birthday, a happy boy! The photo of Mario & Woody is just too precious for words:)

Careful, i thought he might fly away with those balloons~

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