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October 28, 2008


What a precious little on you have and a very Happy Birthday to him. I sigh to think that you think time is flying by and he is only one, my son is 27, and think he should just be turning one. Enjoy him!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!So Precious, your Blessed...


oh how cute this birthday be, for SAM dear boy one is HE!!
thought I would give a dr seuss impersonation in honor of the birthday boy! What a cutie patootie!
xoxo, Tiffany

Sam is adorable! And what a fun Birthday theme, everything is so cute!

...time to have another!


aww!!! Happy belated bday to sweet sam!!! Such a cute party Andrea!!! He will look back and cherish those photos!! sooo sweet!! I hope you have an amazing day sweets! xo Britt :-)

Happy Birthday Sam!

looks like a great party.

What a cutie pie! And how thoughtful and creative - I love it!

Oh! Andrea...that Sam is just the most precious little one year old...ever! I love his party theme...I love his name...I love how you used bits and pieces of the Dr. Seuss theme throughout AND his cake and invitation were the cutest! What a marvelous day for such a loving family!

Dr. Seuss was THE stories to read to my kiddos when they were little...I still remember my baby (who by the way turns 26 on Nov. 21st) loving Green Eggs and Ham! I loved reading it to both my children maybe even more than they did! We read them all and I still have each one of those slightly tattered books...dreaming of the day I can read them to any grandchild we may be blessed with...btw...I want my daughter to have a son and name him Samuel...I've ALWAYS loved that name...plus her husbands name is Nathaniel...and they will share the same middle name...so I thought those two names went splendid together...not to mention her name is Jacquelyn...so I just think she needs a Samuel! Hmmmm...wonder why she doesn't give me the ok to name her children...I will never know!

Happy Birthday, Sam...I can not believe you are already a year old. You are one special young man...and so is your big brother Mario!


Absolutly adorable ...both the party and especially Sam! Happy Birthday Sam!

Looks Delicious!! Oh..... and the food looks good too! What a yummy baby! I could just eat him up!!

wow that year went very fast!!! happy birthday to sam!!! what a sweet party!

OMG! 1 is so big!! How can I keep my twins at 3 months?

Happy Birthday Sam! He's a sweetie, love the name Sam. what a fabulous party! that old saying "they grow up so fast" is so true but every season is such a wonder and blessing to savour. God bless, Laura

One already?! Time really does fly...
What a wonderful theme! I bet everyone enjoyed the party! Love the pics, he is a beautiful child!!

He is your baby but I too am stunned that he is a year old. Wow...we blinked and zap, a year has passed! The party was precious just as he is (the 1 is NOT gangster!). HB, Sam, and bless you sweet Andrea for making such a fun birthday for all your family!

love, love the green eggs!

We also did a Dr. Seuss theme, only for our son's second birthday. I loved planning it! We made a Dr. Seuss hat cake 4 layers high frosted white and red, did the green eggs, fish crackers, ham, made our own invitations. It was SO fun coming up with a rhyme! :-)

Everything looks grand! They do grow up so quickly, but you'll always have great memories no matter what. My two boys are 34 and 28 now and I still feel 25! We Italian mama's get very sentimental, don't we? lol

From one Andrea to another

what a cute party. GREAT job!

This is the cutest idea I've seen yet for my son's 1st birthday party I'm planning? If you don't mind sharing the info, how did you make the invites??

I'm thrilled to have found your blog. I'm starting to plan our daughter's first Birthday and being that her nursery is Dr. Seuss theme....her party will be as well!!! I actually wanted to make 'green deviled eggs' and to have found someone who has - awesome!! :) My husband and I were just talking about how we are going to get the yolk to be green. WE'll use food coloring, just trying to figure out the right combination to get that 'perfect green'. Could you please tell us a bit about how you achieved that coloring? Thanks so much!

I am planning a Dr Suess birthday for my lil boy whose turning one in April!! I would love to know how Hope made the invitations?? What program u used or what? Its super hard to find supplies for Dr Suess themed items. Where did you find yours....if you don't mind sharing??

Michelle Jones

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