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October 28, 2008


The party is over,
The pictures are done,
How perfect a party,
For fun Sam who is one.

Love the theme, Andrea, that is just too cute for a child named Sam! Love, Love, Love it!
The eggs were a very neat idea!

Absolutely adorable!! What a fantastic idea and I love how you carried out the theme. Soo sweet! I agree the time goes way to fast. There's got to be a way to slow these kiddies down;)

What an adorable post Andrea! So glad you had fun with your Sam...I have a Sam too and now he is 12 (what?? how did that happen???) so I am glad to see you soaking in these precious early years, they go by so fast.

"I do so love green eggs and ham. Thank you, thank you Sam-I-am!" What a fun & "one"-derful party for your lil' Sam:)

I love that photo of him stuffing his cute little face with cake wiht that hat on!

So glad I could help with the invitations - it was nice to do a non-work project for a change :)

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Toooooo cute!!!!!!

How on earth is lil Sam 1 already??? My oh my!!! I remember when you had asked us all if we had any baby name suggestions!!! That seems like yesterday!!

Well, he is the most adorable lil guy ever!! So so smiley and sweet!!!

What a sweet family!!!

YAY! Sam!!!!!

See you SOON!!!!
xoxo Jenny

Oh too sweet! I grew up with Dr. Seuss. I love Sam's hat. Happy Birthday Sam! Especially love the green deviled eggs. :)


Oh God, now I have to go to the fridge and look for something!!! All those plates made me hungry! lol...

What a fantastic 1st birthday for Sam! I love that you just let him have a go at his cake too! So very creative and fun! Suzie

Ohh, Happy Birthday Sam!! That is so sweet, love all the pictures you shared!! You are just such a creative diva aren't you friend??!!!

Have a wonderful day with your sweeties.

Those are the cutest invitations ever! I went on Hope's website and loved it of course:) Had to order a few stamp sets. Oh my!! Happy Birthday to little Sam and congratulations mama for making it thru the year.

Happy b.day to your little one! His little hat and invitations were adorable :)

Happy birthday Sam! What a wonderful party you put together!

So sweet! ~Mandy

eeekkk what a cutie!! i can't believe it's been a year!
Happy Birthday!!
see ya soon

You throw the coolest kids parties Andrea!
Happy 1st birthday wishes to sweet Sam all the way from Germany!
xox Carola

I was sad too that week Devyn turned 1 a few weeks ago. Time is flying by!
Happy Birthday Sam! Love the party pics!


That's the cutest idea for a party ever..the invites turned out perfect...


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That is so cute! I have a Sam too, but he'll be 12, so I don't think that party theme would go over well LOL You did a great job with your party, and that little guy is adorable!

Hi Andrea,
Your son Sam is so adorable! He has the sweetest face! And I love the theme you chose. Happy Birthday Sam!

oh, what fun.
looks like a good time had by all!
adorable invite also:)

How cute! Happy Birthday Sam! Great pictures looks like Sam had a great time! Baci Grace

What a great party idea! Little Sam looks so festive and happy. Isn't it great to be able to stuff loads of cake in your mouth...life is so beautiful at this age. The first year is just magical. The poem and Hope's invitations are darling. Great job!

Your birthday theme was a great idea. The invitation is perfect.

Great job on the food, just like the book.

Sam is adorable, glad he enjoyed his cake.

Congrats on one year!


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