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October 18, 2008


Thank you for the tiny palpitations!! ;) ahhhhh...

See you VERY soon!!!!!!

I have a pkg for you...but I'd rather deliver in person! :)

Happy Fall!!

xoxo Jenny

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I completely understand...my list gets me all in a tizzy. I get overwhelmed with my to do list and my family. I can't wait to see all the goodies at Bella. Kara

So glad you're taking time to enjoy the season with your beautiful boys. Take it from a mother of teens...time flies SO fast. Looking forward to seeing the new holiday goodies when you re-open.

We will miss you but we completely understand. Have Fun!!!

I love it when you leave little hints. Thanks. I have to tell you, I got a signed copy of Robin Brown's book (and Mary Emmerling's for that matter!) a few weeks ago when I traveled to Round Top Texas for my b-day. Her booth at Marburger Farm was AMAZING~It looked like some beautiful biblical tent. Next year, no Round Top, SILVER BELLA! I have to budget for these things :) Enjoy your preparations!

Andrea, Enjoy your time off! I received my first item from you yesterday and can't wait for you to reopen. Your attention to detail in your packaging and branding is wonderful, thank you. Refresh, and best wishes!

Enjoy your time off! Just relax and take it one item at a time to get that list DONE!!

Relax and enjoy your time off (which I know really is still very busy time) : ) Hope you are having a great weekend.

Enoy your nesting. Clarice

Hope you get to do everything you want to accomplish...plus a little relaxation, too! Enjoy Silver Bella:) We'll miss you while you're away!

Hey Andrea,
I totally understand where you are coming from. Enjoy your break- rest, relax, HAVE FUN and catch up..... I can't wait to see all the new goodies when you return. Take Care and Best Wishes.


Good for you! It isn't an easy decision to close down for a bit, but I think it is a smart one if you want to enjoy the season and have a good time at Silver Bella! See you there- sooner than we know it, it will be time!

Totally understand the hiatus. But since I will see you at Silver Bella, I am not feeling sad. Can't wait to meet you and see all the goodies! Until then.....

Smart Girl..Why stress.. enjoy and go at your own pace.. we will be here when you return...xoxo Laura

Good thing I already ordered my ribbon! And it is absolutely exquisite. Thank you!

I am a one woman show as well with my business however rent and the constant influx of inventory never let me close! You lucky little gal that you decided to go online for you shop, so you can really enjoy the season! I wish I was able to attend Silver Bella just to go to the vendor faire! Your things look like such a treat! xo Shannon

Oh I can't wait to see your booth at vendor night! I am driving up to Omaha for all the festivities and I am so excited!

One of the beauties about working for yourself - closing up shop whenever you feel like it! Enjoy catching up and doing all of the things you've been wanting to!

Jenni B

Good choice Andrea!!
You need a break sometimes!!
I am trying to play catch up right now.
See you soon,

Good for you Andrea - sounds like you are going to be busy enough without a webshop to run too.
Take care of yourself and enjoy doing all those lovely things that you have lined up....

Have a nice break and enjoy Silver Bella. :)

have fun fluffing friend! I hope you are enjoying the season with your birthday boys!!

Everything looks lovely! I already want some jewelry from you at SB!!!! Hope you are bringing lots! ;) Hugs!

Andrea, who would have thought pumpkins would "go" with those pastel flowers! But since the pumpkins are white....it works!....what a stunning photo!

Enjoy feathering your nest! It's THAT time of year!


Andrea~ sometimes a little time off lends the perfect inspirations.
I've decided to share some of your beautiful script ribbon in my Parisian Give Away. I've linked you up so everyone will be able to visit your wonderful shop.

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