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October 02, 2008


How about mint julep or under the sea?

What about Lichen?

Sage Horizon.....I love green and all of your items so I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

What about Lichen?

Fun contest! And the ribbon is gorgeous. My suggestion is Stormy Sea.

My suggestion is Reindeer Moss.

It will be interesting to see what it ends up being! Fun game!

Ok, here are my choices...
Creamy Mint
Creme de menthe
Fresh Mint
Velvet Mint

Hope you find the perfect name, it is beautiful ribbon : )

Beautiful ribbon. I'm thinking DOVECOTE GREY, or just DOVECOTE

Silver Sage

Hmmmm beautiful colour Andrea, hard name.... Green Ash....?? Fern??

How about Haricot Vert ?

Okay, here goes the first one ....what about Silver Sage.
That's a winery from Osoyoos BC that is named after the sagebrush in the area.

....kind of reminded me of the colour of muted sagebrush.

anyway....the wine is delish !

Good luck!


Ummm... How about "mermaid tail", or "mermaid's tail"? Or just "mermaid"? Mermaids are the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It's a very pretty color but you're right, it is a hard one to describe.

That ribbon is GORGEOUS! My name for this ribbon would be: "Peaceful Pine", because it looks like an elegant christmas ribbon!

What about Seashell Blue???

oh it's beautiful! I say mint julep...I may come back with more ideas!

Hi how about = sweet basil or maybe old olive or tinsel green because it looks like tarnished tinsel- that's three guesses...Keeping my fingers crossed

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE the new ribbon shot! Way to go girl...thinking outside the box.
I don't have a clever name for your gorgeous new ribbon color so feel free to erase this comment. But I had to give you a word of encouragement for pressing on!

misty sage, icy sage....

Another... slate green? Mist green...??

How about "winter sage"? I love your site and the color palettes used in your crafts and products you sell! =)

How about "Muted Meadow"?

Mint Julep?

Hello! Since it's a little darker than "Tiffany" blue, how about "Evening at Tiffany's"? Love your blog and your cool stuff as always!


The name that POPS right to mind is... vintage seafoam or vintage moss

thanks...I ADORE THIS COLOR... can't wait to have some

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