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October 16, 2008


I hear you sister! I just had to drop a class because it was just too much. I still felt bad about doing it though. So often we forget to stop and smell the roses. You know?? I will miss your shop while it's closed:) Don't be gone too long!!! I'll need my "wishes" fix. Take care.

Everyone deserves to take a breather once in awhile. Enjoy the break...we'll still be here when you open up shop again:)

i have so been enjoying this weather,and the fall beauty...its really the most beautiful time of the year!

Don't be gone for too long! I LOVE visiting your blog! I am from Virginia too (Charlottesville) and living down here in Florida now, I really miss the change in seasons. Enjoy your break. Enjoy the beauty of the season and time with your family. Sweet blessings to you! ~ xoxo ~ Joy

Enjoy this time with your family. I will miss your blog.

Your blog is amazing found it of Tangie Baxter's web page. I love everything you do and find it so inspiring!

You enjoy your time off blogland..I know where you are coming from... Hurry back we will all need our Andrea fix real soon.
xoxoxo Laura

i hear you!
taking a breather myself:)

You go girl! Hope you enjoy your break!

good for you! Just remember to blog :)

Haven't visited in awhile - sooo busy with my Paddywacks Studio stuff. I just love your blog, beautiful images, and artistic influence. Thanks, and have fun!

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