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September 18, 2008


You are right, that bike is so you Andrea! Love it!! And yes, I know exactly what you mean, I have had to buy many outfits to match the purse! wink
Tell you DH he did a great job on this one!! Enjoy your rides...

Cool Andrea!!
Love the color, and the basket is a must.
Happy Fall,

Hi! I love your blog.. as I am sure I said before.. it's so very refreshing.... I wrote about you on mine.. when you get a chance.. please pop on over...

Ang ;)

I want one too! This post brougth back memories of learning to ride a bike, its been years, dare I?

ahhh that bike is so sweet...i love it!!! What a nice thing to do... we love George..

George is a total gem! Isn't it just divine when men just "get it"? The bike is gorgeous, like you :o)

Luuuv your new coaster, it's fab! It's the perfect weather in Virginia this weekend for a bike ride. I love to cruise the neighborhood on Saturday morning looking for yard sales. A wicker basket is a must! xo, suzy

sweet, sweet, dreamy bike! and, yes, it is such fun to ride...until you get to mile 40 or so and then you the fun begins to wear off a bit (smile). xo

I got a pink cruiser bike just like yours, especially with a basket! Aren't they the greatest and don't they make you feel so young again? I love riding it around! They are great! I love yours too! Very nice!

That is exactly the kind of bike I have been wanting!!!! I am too old to ride half slumped over:-) Your picture makes it even better...happy riding.

I love your cruiser! And the color is perfect!! I have an aqua one that I bought at Target a few years ago. I am so glad to see that they are back in style!

Oh my...is there any way you can email me the place where you bought that lovely bike? I'm in the market for one and now I'm head over heels for yours! Your blog is so sweet :)

I LOVE your bike!
Such a wonderful present.

I've been searching high & low for the perfect cruiser, so thanks for the link.

oh i just love your new set of wheels! hubby and i have been talking about getting bikes for a while now and we were just discussing it again last night...you are soo right...there is nothing like flying free with the wind in your face!

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