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September 23, 2008


In love with everything. I'm planning my wedding, and want full, overblown, end of summer heavy peony, a la and Edith Wharton garden party gone late and blushing....as my ideas. So many bouquets and decorations right now are spare, modern, uni-colored, and a little anemic in my mind. Your creations and sensibilities are a wonderful antidote to all of that. Can't wait to keep visiting!

These are fabulous Andrea! I think we are going to see these all over blogland, everyone will love them! xo, suzy

these are beautiful andrea!! i made some last year about that size, but covered them in an orange glitter...however...they always looked bare to me...of course they need a leaf, twine, and bauble!!! you always know how to beautifully accessorize and perfectly top of a project! :)

Wow I love these!

check out the crafty chandelier I made :)


So, so darling! You are so creative and do beautiful work. I just love the glittered gourds. Inspirational!

See my latest blog post for a new Jenni B creation that I'm excited about.

Jenni B

I love the fact that even with the crafts you used a vintage tray and pretty spoon. Might have just been for the pics but I love seeing old items being used!!
Great craft, thanks for sharing!

Love these...I think you have inspired me to do a crafty project.
Thanks for sharing.


Hi Andrea,
Love the glittered pumpkins. I glitter everything, so why not pumpkins? I just got my order from you. Love everything!
Thank you,

ANDREA! I love these. So gorgeous... Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Just wonderful and very Creative! Take Care.


They turned out beautiful, thank you SO much for the wonderful idea!!!

This is such a fun idea! Thanks much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

LOVELY and simple! I love that.

Absolutely love this! So much so that I did 3 of my own today. Orange, green and gold. And with the addition of the green velvet leaves I just received from you what can I say other than cute, cute and more cute. Thanks for the inspiration. It is hotter than you know what here in California and Autumn decorating has just not appealed to me, until now!!

Great photos, Andrea. Sorry you have a house full of Sickies.
I'm getting all excited for SB!1 I just saw the vendor list on the SB blog. I'm sad I'll be stuck in a booth! I want to shop!!
You should just make me up a bag full of yummies and charge me like 20.00 to my PayPal!!
Hahahaha! Just kidding--I'll make my rounds if I drag some helpless girl behind my table to work my booth for a few minutes...

What a great idea for the gords, I love being inspired by other creative women. Thank you.

Those are darling


Such a wonderful idea! This would work well for other holidays as well! Easter eggs, valentine hearts, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

never can get too many glittered goodies or pumpkins...love to combine the two & yours are gorgeous!

Gotta love the bling!

These are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

What a wonderful and fun project. I love everything glitter. Thank you. Karen


Lindo o seu trabalho adorei...
As brasileiras adoram esse tipo de trabalho..

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