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September 29, 2008


Ohh just makes one want to cook. Clarice

Glad to hear you & your boys are feeling better! Looking at all the yummy goodness at the Farmer's Market sure makes me hungry:)

Glad everyone is feeling better at your house. We have been hit at our house. I can't figure out why my son Grif is not sick, he usually starts it:)

Oh, what a market! Love the pics! I would love to be able to buy in any market like that!

Yay you are all feeling better! I have all that in my Dads backyard. He has the most amazing garden the figs this year were huge 3 trees 2 red/purple and the other white/green. Love them with cheese and wine and nuts! Hugs Grace

Im so glad you all are feeling better. I am feeling better too....after receiving my package from One Hundred Wishes. The charms are beautiful..the packaging is wonderful..the handwritten note..Thank you so much. I didnt just get something that I ordered, It felt like I received a gift from an old friend. Thank you for that. Michelle

What gorgeous pictures. Now why in the world can't I make bell peppers look like works of art the way you can? ;) Thank you for being an inspiration.
The chicken soup you made looked very yummy... I bet that's what's making everybody feel better! :)

Hi Andrea!
I've really been enjoying your blog! Our home was the same way when my daughter started school- chicken soup was the only thing that got me through it lol. I tagged you over at my blog if you're feeling up to it :o)

Oh, lovely! Aren't Farmer's Markets just the most colorful places?


Nothing like Fresh Veggies and Fruit from the Farmers Market.. Gorgeous Boys too...

Hi glad everyone is feeling better.. Your veggies & fruit pictures are amazing!!! Hubby ain't bad either!!! If you don't mind me saying so...xooox

Nothing like a good farmer's market. Here in Colorado our markets leave alot to be desired...must be the climate. Enjoy the fresh goodies!

Mmmmmm, those veggies look so yummy! And I must say, so did your chicken soup...I love how it makes the house smell incredible!

Love your blog!


Love the pictures! Ever seen the cookbook "Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes"? Inspired me to start my own garden this past spring and thru the summer. My tomatoes didn't look as good as the one's in the book but they sure tasted great. My tomato and pepper plants are almost done for the season and I will sure miss them. Stay well.

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