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September 12, 2008


You are going to have an amazing time at Silver Bella. I got signed up too late last year to participate in any of the swaps, but the gals who did had a wonderful time. As no doubt you can already attest with the bounty you all have exchanged. So sad I'm not going this year. Hope you'll let us know how you enjoy it. I'm going to check out Natasha's blog/website. Love her stuff-the velvet strawberry sachets are a great idea!

I did notice your ad! I thought to myself, "Hey, I know her!" So, I don't really know you, but I'm a faithful blog reader. Love it!


I meant to write you. I saw your advertisement in Home Companion. It looks wonderful and very you. oxoxox Clarice

I read my MEHC cover to cover last night & chuckled when I saw your ad. Beautiful...
Look at you! Making it big!!

I did see your beautiful ad in the magazine and was so happy for you.

You received such lovely gifts!

I saw your ad and it is gorgeous. The swap gifts are lovely. Such fun to create things with stuff from other people!

Oooh so that means my copy must be travelling across the oceans now, how exciting! It's fun to see your ad, so surreal to see your things/name in print, or to say "oh I know her!"

The pre-bella swappy goodies are gorgeous, can't wait to see them all. I've asked Karla to keep mine there until I get to Kansas.

So glad you like all your goodies and that Mario liked his balloons! Did you taste the chocolate? Cadbury make really yummmmmmmmm chocolate.


I have my Home Companion in the car ready for my trip to TN and KY. I'll have it read and your ad checked out by the time I get to Charlottesville! Wait...I'm driving! Maybe I'll go read it now before I go to sleep(it's 3:54am)!

I found you thru Home Companion. I always look thru the Artists' Gallery and post sticky tabs to each one I want to go on. I love your website and have already placed an order. Can't wait to get it!! And now my 2 friends have you on their favorite's list as well. Don't know how much the add was but you've got three new friends out of it.

i did see your ad...congrats! what a great swap...lots of fun goodies. i had been hoping to go this year but it didn't work out. i am sure it will be a great time had by all.

thanks again for being a part of our swap, it was such a fun one!

beautiful!! Yes, just got mine yesterday and had a chance to glance through it today and saw. *Gorgeous* add!

Lots of pretty things Andrea!!
I am going to pick up a copy of that magazine next time I am out!
Can't wait to see the witches!

What a wonderfull present to resieve, i love the velvet -lavender, strawberries
and the beautifull painted dresses, so sweet.
Hi Dorthe

What a lot of eye candy! Beautiful. :) I did see your ad in the magazine! I hope you get lots of traffic to your shop from it!

I just got that magazine and noticed your ad in it : ) You have beutiful things, and love your blog.

I did see your ad in ME :) It was so cute, I thought "hey, I know this girl!".

Hi! I found you and your blog while searching for velvet ribbon for an upcoming wedding. I love your web site and enjoyed visiting your blog. Congratulations on your ad in ME's Home Companion, I hope it works well for you!

Oh, how great that you forgot about your ad and just stumbled upon it. It's like feeling other people's excitment when they saw your beautiful ad for the first time. Congrats!

You Bella girls really know how to shower each other with creative goodness! I did see your ad in the magazine only somehow I did not connect the dots from it to you!

Cool goodies you have there...been seeing some of it over at Karla's, you twelve should try and have your picture taken all together. That dark coral ruffle trim that isn't quite coral and not red and then somehow I was thinking Italy and then thought of tomato and there you have it...it reminded me of one of my fav colors of paint, Tuscan Red. And then i think some dark burgundy velvet ribbon (maybe a garnet shade), or you might go with a more ruby burgundy...and then i start thinking of a neutral to go with that and then i think grey and maybe some of your ruffle ribbon in toffee -it's amazing what triggers color and art thoughts. Happy happies to you Andrea.

fabulous ad andrea!!! i hope it brought you all the traffic and sales you so deserve!!!

Your ribbon reminds me of the smell of sagebrush.
Or a steely ocean.

LOVE your blog.

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