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August 22, 2008


Lol... Lovely pics!!!!
I also love NY and also love children pics and even more when they're having fun like that!

Too funny - too cute! I was the same way, hated those shirts when I lived there, was just back in May and bought my daughter a nightshirt with that icon all over it lol. Her response was, "but how can I heart New York when I've never been there?" :oP

Adorable. My how your bebe has grown!

They look adorable, but they would look good in potato sacks.
Glad you had a wonderful time!

Oh they are sooo cute..yes it's funny how we never wanted those NY tees when we lived there...Glad your are home safe & sound..Hurricane Fay did some job down here in Florida...I can use one of thoses tees now!!!

The boys are adorable no matter what they wear:) Those two are gonna make the girls swoon when they get older! I {heart} NY, too!

so glad you had a nice visit to NY! the boys look too sweet in their little shirts!

They are so cute! Love their shirts.

They are adorable, and such cute brothers! Enjoy every minute!

Ive said it before, Those boys are so Gorgeous! Adorable photo shoot, my favorite is Sam crawling away!

Oh my goodness Andrea, they are sooo cute!! Sam making the great escape reminds me of my John :)

eeeekkk!!! they are so darling.
so sweet.

So adorable, Andrea! Love those little feet. I have a picture I had taken at Sears portrait studio that is just the bottom of my 3 girls feet when the youngest was a baby. It is one of my favorite shots!

Too cute...
Wow your kids are getting so big!

OK...and the risk of sounding redundant...those are two of the cutest boys I've ever seen...seriously...little Sam looking into big brothers eyes...and then sweet Mario looking so intently into his baby bro's eyes...just too precious!

The tee's are the best...especially on such cute subjects...seriously they could do a "welcome" to NY poster...and folks would just love it!!


Your boys are so adorable! I love the sequence of the photos...1st shot: looking at each other, 2nd photo: giggles, 3rd photo: butt shot! gotta love it!

I {heart} New York too. Your blog is beautiful, I'll be back to read more~xo

Those boys are too cute!! It's like Mario has his own mini-me.

~They are SO CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!~ Amanda

Welcome Home Andrea! :)

The boys are sooooo cute and I just love the shirts! I also just adore Sam's little baby feet- too too cute!

Your children are so sweet! Looks like they are having lots of fun! Great shirts!


What fun photos of the boys. Love the last one of Sam being over it and crawling away.The first photo of the boys looking at each other is cute too

They are so adorable! I love NY too!

The boys are beyond cute!

I recently celebrated my 40th birthday with a Marie Antoinette themed bash.
I made some nutcups that were inspired by yours and have linked my photo to your site.

Pop on over if you would like to see.

Oh Andrea...your little guys are so adorable. Don't you just love the smiling and laughing at this age...those pics are wonderful memory shots!

Take care.
Hugs, Nancy

Those boys, so sweet. I love the last picture~

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