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August 27, 2008


What a marvelous shop! I could easily spend 4 hours there. Easily.

parcel is one of my favorite stores ever!!

I need tickets to NYC!!!!!
Oh my God, how in the world did I born so far away?????

Oh my goodness- the loveliness of it all is a little overwhelming. I think my heart might have skipped a few beats if I had walked into Parcel too. What a gem of a shop! So glad you got to go : )

Ooh, beautiful! What a fun shop! I love that sewing box, how pretty.

I think I could sleep there, looks dreamy!

I need to stay out of shops like that!!! Wow. I love every single thing!!!

I absolutely love that shop!

Andrea, how long did it take you to get to Parcel from NYC? I desperately wanted to go when we visited NYC but we were afraid it was too far out of the way.

It's like walking into a real-life dream! How yummy. I want, I want, I want that little gold trophy! Is that going in your shop by chance?!

Gadzooks that store looks incredible! I think I'm gonna have to take a trip to NYC just so I can go there! I wouldn't have to do anything else and I'd be happy! Is there a hotel next door? :-)

Thanks for the pictures!

Looks like a gorgeous shop! I love your finds!

I can see how you spent 4 hours there, I would have probably stayed longer as I would have passed out at the gorgeousness of it all....what a wonderful place....I so need to go to New York...Thanks so much for sharing and I love your collection of goodies, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

I have that same sewing tin. It is what I used when I was a girl and learning to sew!

used to live in Glen Ridge NJ, (next door to Bloomfield) and Parcel was not there then...there were always lots of cute places in Montclair tho (on the other side) thanks for sharing, I will have to check it out next time I go.

Wow Andrea!!
No wonder you spent 4 hours in that store.
I would have too!!

What a fabulous place to shop

ohh i must make a little road trip.... i've been wanting to go to Parcel for awhile. this was the little push i needed!!

Gorgeous photos of a wonderful shop Andrea! Love all the things you chose! Wish we had that shop here in Germany somewhere close to where I live. Do you know that you would have bumped into Jenny & Aaron of Everyday is Holiday if you'd have stayed a little longer? They happend to be there too that same day/evening and Jenny has also posted lot's of parcel love photos on her blog and her flickr.
Have a great weekend!
Carol xox

Hi Andrea!! It was so nice meeting you in person, sad you guys got lost and couldn't make it to my shop... next time. This past weekend, my husband, Flavia and I got lost in the same area you guys did, so I know what you mean!!! we could not find our way back... Hope to see you again the next time you come to NYC.

Take care!!!

Parcel sounds...and looks...dreamy! And you only spent 4 hours there? :}

Oh my gosh - it is all just so gorgeous! I would have been on a major overload!

Such beautiful things Andrea!! I love the pin cusion too and that sweet trophy. I would of been right there loving all the shops you went to. Maybe one of these days I'll make it to the East Coast!!

What a wonderful place...!

Wow - what a fun shop!!

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